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LG OLED65G1PUA vs OLED65C1PUB : Why Should You Choose LG OLED65G1PUA?

LG OLED65G1PUA and OLED65C1PUB come as two 65-Inch 4K OLED TV from LG’s 2021 TV lineup. As part of LG G1 Series, LG OLED65G1PUA is positioned as the higher model than LG OLED65C1PUB that introduced as part of LG..

Samsung UN65TU7000 vs UN65NU6900 (UN65TU7000FXZA vs UN65NU6900FXZA) : What are the Similarities and Differences between Those Two Samsung Basic 65-Inch 4K LED TVs?

Samsung UN65TU7000 (UN65TU7000FXZA) and UN65NU6900 (UN65NU6900FXZA) are two basic 65-Inch 4K LED TVs from Samsung. Samsung UN65TU7000 come as part of Samsung TU7000 from Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup while Samsung UN65NU6900 was released as part of Samsung NU6900 that..

LG 50UN7000PUC vs 50UN6950ZUF : Are They Similar TV Model?

If we talk about affordable 50-Inch 4K LED TV in 2020, we need to mention LG 50UN7000PUC and 50UN6950ZUF as the options that we should consider. Both of LG 50UN7000PUC and 50UN6950ZUF are introduced as basic 50-Inch 4K LED..

Hisense 65H8G vs 65H8F : What are the Key Differences between Hisense’s 2020 and 2019 65-Inch H8 Series?

Hisense 65H8G comes as the successor model of Hisense 65H8F. Hisense 65H8G comes as 65-Inch screen size option of Hisense’s 2020 H8G while Hisense 65H8F was released as 65-Inch screen size option of Hisense’s 2019 H8F. What are the..

LG 86UN8570PUC vs 86UM8070PUA : Are There any Reasons to Choose LG 86UN8570PUC?

If you are looking for more affordable large screen 4K LED TV, I’m sure that LG 86UN8570PUC and 86UM8070PUA are two 86-Inch 4K LED TV from LG that you should be on your choice list. LG 86UN8570PUC is affordable..

Hisense 55H9G vs 55H8G : Which One to Choose?

Hisense introduced Hisense 55H9G and 55H8G as two top models for 55-Inch 4K LED TV from their 2020 TV lineup. They can be called as 55-Inch 4K ULED TV model from Hisense’s 2020 TV lineup. Both of Hisense 55H9G..

Vizio P65Q9-H1 vs M65Q8-H1 : Is Vizio P65Q9-H1 a Better Choice?

When we talk about 65-Inch 4K LED TV in 2020, we need to mention Vizio P65Q9-H1 and M65Q8-H1 in our choice list. Vizio P65Q9-H1 comes as part of Vizio’s 2020 P-Series Quantum while Vizio M65Q8-H1 is introduced as part..

LG 82UN8570PUC vs 82UN8570AUD : Is There any Difference between Them?

We can find LG 82UN8570PUC and 82UN8570AUD introduced as 82-Inch 4K LED TV as part of LG’s 2020 85 Series. As they both introduced as 82-Inch 4K LED TV from LG’s 2020 85 Series, we can easily guess that..

Vizio V555-H11 vs V555-G1 : Which is Better?

We need to mention Vizio V555-H11 and V555-G1 in our choice list if we are looking for affordable 55-Inch 4K LED TV in 2020. Vizio V555-H11 and V555-G1 are introduced as 55-Inch screen size option of Vizio V-Series from..

TCL 55R635 vs 55R625 : Is TCL 55R635 a Better New Model?

TCL 55R635 is the model that positioned as the successor of TCL 55R625. TCL 55R635 comes as 55-Inch screen size option of TCL’s 2020 6-Series while TCL 55R625 was released as 55-Inch screen size option of TCL’s 2019 6-Series...

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