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LG 60UJ7700 vs 60UJ6300 : What is Better in LG 60UJ7700?

LG introduced LG 60UJ7700 and 60UJ6300 as the affordable choice for 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. LG 60UJ7700 and 60UJ6300 are positioned as the standard 4K UHD TV from LG’s 2017 TV lineup. LG standard 4K UHD TV is..

Samsung UN60KU6300 vs UN60JS7000 : Samsung’s 2016 Basic 4K UHD TV and 2015 Basic SUHD TV Comparison

You may be interested in UN60KU6300 and UN60JS7000 models from Samsung as your next 60-Inch 4K UHD TV. They come from different lineup year, but now They are priced at almost similar price. Samsung UN60KU6300 is the basic model for..

LG 60UH6550 vs 60UH6150 : Which LG’s Affordable 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV to Choose?

In 2016, You can find 60UH6550 and 60UH6150 from LG as two affordable choices for 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. As two affordable models, you can find that there are a number of similarities that you can find between LG 60UH6550 and 60UH6150...

LG 60UH8500 vs 60UF8500 : What is Better on the Newer LG 60UH8500?

We can say that LG 60UH8500 is the successor model of LG 60UF8500. It comes as part of the new UH8500 model from LG’s 2016 lineup. There are few new technology in picture quality installed on LG 60UH8500. It..

Samsung UN60J6200 vs UN60H6203 : Should You Choose the New Samsung UN60J6200?

If you have less budget for your 60-Inch Smart TV, then Samsung UN60J6200 as the new model of UN60H6203 is the choice that you should consider. It’s indeed coming with 1080p Full HD resolution, but I’m quite sure that you..

Samsung UN60JU6500 vs LG 60UF7700 : Which of Them is the Better 60-Inch Basic Smart 4K UHD TV?

Talking about 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, especially for the basic model, then Samsung UN60JU6500 and LG 60UF7700 are two models that We can’t ignore. Along with Samsung UN60JU6400, UN60JU6500 is positioned as the basic model for 60-Inch Smart 4K..

Samsung UN60JU7100 vs UN60JU6500 : Is UN60JU7100 Really a Better Model?

Samsung UN60JU7100 and UN60JU6500 are two models that comes to your mind when you consider to replace your older TV with the new 60-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. Both of UN60JU7100 and UN60JU6500 comes with..

LG 60UF8500 vs 60UF7700 : Which One is More Suitable for You?

When talking about TV screen size, 60-Inch screen size is not as popular as 65-Inch or 55-Inch screen size. That’s way there’re more limited number of 60-Inch Smart TV that you can choose, two of them are LG 60UF8500 and LG 60UF7700...