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LG OLED77G1PUA vs OLED77GXPUA : Why Should You Choose LG OLED77G1PUA?

When you are looking for large screen 4K OLED TV, I’m sure that LG OLED77G1PUA and OLED77GXPUA are two choices that should be on your choice list. LG OLED77G1PUA and OLED77GXPUA are successor predecessor models of 77-Inch 4K OLED..

LG OLED77G7P vs OLED77G6P : Any Improvements on the New 77-Inch LG G7 Model?

Are you looking for large screen OLED 4K UHD TV? If you do, then I’m sure that OLED77G7P and OLED77G6P from LG are two choices that you have on your mind. LG OLED77G7P comes as the successor of LG OLED77G6P in LG’s 2017..