LG 55LF6300 vs 55LF6100 : Which One is for You?

LG 55LF6300 and LG 55LF6100 are coming as part of LG’s 2015 TV lineup as your choices for top and middle model for 55-Inch Full HD TV. They are both coming as Smart TV that bring premium entertainment to your home screen. As the choice for 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV on 2015 TV lineup become rare as the rise of 4K UHD TV, LG 55LF6300 and LG 55LF6100 are two choices that you should consider from few choices that available in the market. Although Full HD TV is declining in popularity, but you have to know the fact that most of the contents available in the market are mostly still HD in resolution. Before you make a choice between LG 55LF6300 and LG 55LF6100, the first you have to understand is what’s the difference between those two TVs.

LG 55LF6300

LG 55LF6300
LG 55LF6300

Talking about LG 55LF6300 is talking about the standard 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup. LG 55LF6300 is basically a replacement model of the older LG 55LB6300 from LG’s 2014 TV lineup. LG 55LB6300 was the middle lineup of LG’s 2014 TV lineup, but now LG 55LF6300 is the top model that available in the market since there’s no replacement model for LG 55LB7200. As the standard model of Smart Full HD TV, LG 55LF6300 comes with 1080p Full HD resolution that completed with Triple XD Engine as its picture engine that deliver sharp image details in Full HD resolution. It’s using the new WebOS 2.0 as its Smart TV platform as the new Smart TV platform replaced the older WebOS 1.0. If you are looking innovative way to control your TV, then I’m sure that you will enjoy magic remote of LG 55LF6300 that bring voice interaction to your home screen. Read More LG 55LF6300 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 55LF6100

LG 55LF6100
LG 55LF6100

Talking about alternative choice for 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup, We should take a look at LG 55LF6100 as the model below LG 55LF6100. LG 55LF6100 comes as the newer model of  LG 55LB6100. LG 55LF6100 is basically completed with the same picture quality as what you can get on LG 55LF6100. But It’s not installed with the latest Smart TV platform from LG (WebOS 2.0) but using the older LG Smart TV, that popularly called NetCast 4.5 as its Smart TV platform. NetCast 4.5 is indeed still can deliver premium entertainment to your home screen but It’s more limited compared to WebOS 2.0. LG 55LF6100 is also not for you that eager to experience the new LG Voice mate technology to control your TV as it’s not completed with any magic remote on its TV set. Read More LG 55LF6100 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 55LF6300 vs 55LF6100 : Comparison Table

LG 55LF6300 LG 55LF6100
Introduced March 2015 March 2015
Size of Screen 55-inch 55-inch
Backlight Edge-Lit Direct
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate TruMotion 120Hz TruMotion 120Hz
Smart TV Platform WebOS 2.0 LG Smart TV (NetCast 4.5)
Remote Control Magic Remote Standard Remote
3D Feature NO NO
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 3/3 3/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

LG 55LF6300 vs 55LF6100 : Differences

1. Smart TV Platform

If you are using Smart TV platform often, this is the key point that you should notice about LG 55LF6300 and LG 55LF6100. LG 55LF6300 use WebOS 2.0, while LG 55LF6100 use standard basic LG Smart TV that also named NetCast 4.5. Is the difference matter? If you are using Smart TV often, then the answer is for sure Yes. You can get more complete features on WebOS 2.0 as well as better interface and wider entertainment option. But if you only use Smart TV platform to do more standard such as access Netflix, HuluPlus and Youtube then NetCast 4.5 is enough for you.

2. Remote Control

Although some people say that remote is not that important, but if you love to play with your TV then remote control is important for you. With magic remote that coming with LG 55LF6300, you can enjoy easier control to your TV screen using LG voice mate technology. LG voice mate technology is able to give you option to control your TV using voice interaction. You can also try few other smart function on the magic remote. While LG 55LF6100 is only using standard remote control that only capable doing standard control to your TV screen without any built-in microphone to do voice interaction.

3. Price

As the lower model, LG 55LF6100 is priced at few hundreds lower in price compared to LG 55LF6300. With significant price different You should think about your choice. If you have less budget for your 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV, then you can consider to choose LG 55LF6100 that suit your pocket.

Which One is For You?

LG 55LF6300 is the better choice for you with small note that you are able to afford its more expensive price. It’s coming with the new WebOS 2.0 that bring more entertainment options and better Smart features as well. You can also control it easier with magic remote control that comes with the TV set. So if you don’t mind pay few hundreds more for better Smart TV platform and magic remote control, then LG 55LF6300 is the one for you. Order LG 55LF6300 Here

If you are looking for 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV but you have less budget then LG 55LF6100 that priced few hundreds lower is the better idea for you. Although It’s more limited on its Smart TV functions and remote control, but basically It’s able to bring premium entertainment on your home screen with Full HD resolution. So when budget is the your big factor LG 55LF6100 is the one that you should take a look. Order LG 55LF6100 Here

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