LG 65LF6300 vs 65LB6300 : Is There any Improvement on the New 65LF6300?

If you are searching for 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV, you can find LG 65LF6300, the new model of LG 65LB6300 as your alternative choice if you prefer LG as your brand. LG 65LF6300 is currently the only 65-Inch Smart TV that use 1080p Full HD picture resolution from LG’s 2015 TV lineup. It can be called the new model of LG 65LB6300. You can find that the new 65LF6300 have several similarities than the older LG 65LB6300. The question that comes before you choose LG 65LF6300 as your TV is what’s the improvement on the new LG 65LF6300? Let me talk about that on this article.

LG 65LF6300 Introduction : The Only 1080p Full HD Smart TV of LG’s 2015 Lineup

LG 65LF6300
LG 65LF6300

LG 65LF6300 is the only choice that you can consider if you are looking for 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup as LG doesn’t release any replacement model for their LB7100/LB7200 model. LG 65LF6300 still use Triple XD as its picture engine to deliver sharp image details in Full HD resolution. To give immersive color accuracy, LG 65LF6300 is completed with IPS Panel that bring more accurate color details from any angles you are watching. LG 65LF6300 is completed with the new version of WebOS Smart TV platform named WebOS 2.0 as its Smart TV platform. It comes as revamped version of WebOS 1.o with nicer interface design and improved apps functionality.

LG 65LF6300 is getting mostly good feedback from its customers. They talked about the excellent picture quality of LG 65F6300, while some other talking about intuitive Smart TV interface with great magic remote control. While maybe some person need more time to be familiar with the new WebOS 2.0 based on the comments of other customers. If you are interested in more feedback from the customers, you can go to the customers’ reviews page here…

LG 65LB6300 Introduction : The Basic 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV from LG’s 2014 TV Lineup

LG 65LB6300
LG 65LB6300

If you have interested in 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV since last year, then I’m quite sure that you have noticed how good is LG 65LB6300 in the eyes of its customers. It’s getting a lot of excellent feedback and become one of the bestselling 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV from 2014 lineup. LG 65LB6300 is one of the first TV to use WebOS as its Smart TV platform. WebOS Smart TV is a major improvement from the previous 2013 version of LG Smart TV. LG 65LB6300 is also one of the first TV to use IPS panel to deliver more accurate color details from any angles you are watching. LG 65LB6300 is also completed with Triple XD Engine to deliver brilliant picture quality in 1080p Full HD resolution.

As one of the bestselling model, LB6300 model (LG 65LB6300 for its 65-Inch screen size) is getting excellent rating from its customers. They talk about great picture quality that priced at affordable price. They also praised the new Smart TV platform WebOS as quick and responsive Smart TV platform. Another customer comment on the magic remote that maybe a little difficult to be used at first but after 1 day of usage, It becomes much easier to use and the user will love it. You can read more reviews from the users of LG 65LB6300 here…

LG 65LF6300 vs 65LB6300 : Specs Comparison

LG 65LF6300 LG 65LB6300
Introduced March 2015 February 2014
Screen Size 65-inch 65-inch
Backlight Edge-Lit Direct LED
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate TruMotion 120Hz TruMotion 120Hz
Triple XD Engine YES YES
Smart TV Platform WebOS 2.0 WebOS 1.0
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 3/3 3/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Is There any Improvement on the New LG 65LF6300?

The answer to that question is Yes. We can find at least two improvements on the new LG 65LF6300 from the older LG 65LB6300. Let’s see those two improvements:

1. Smart TV Platform

As the picture technology is already mature, the next important thing that become the buying factor is the Smart function. LG try to make its Smart TV platform better by introducing the new WebOS 2.0 in 2015 as a revamped version of the older WebOS 1.0. WebOS 2.0 comes with nicer interface design, faster apps response as well as few improvements on the smart functions. LG 65LF6300 comes with WebOS 2.0, while the older WebOS 1.0 comes with WebOS 1.0. So you can simply get better Smart TV experience on the new 65LF6300 than on the older 65LB6300.

2. Backlight

LG 65LB6300 use direct LED backlight. LG change the backlight technology into edge-lit backlight on the new LG 65LF6300. Is that really improve the picture performance? They are relatively the same if We talk about picture that produced by Edge-lit and Direct LED. The difference is the ability to create slimmer body with Edge-Lit.

Summary : Should You Buy LG 65LF6300?

The next question after We know the improvements that can be find on LG 65LF6300 is should you buy LG 65LF6300? The answer for that question is Yes for most occasion. If you are looking for 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV with affordable price, then you should consider the new LG 65LF6300 that priced at relatively the same price as the older model but come with better Smart TV platform. Any Recommended place to order? You can order LG 65LF6300 at the best deal here…

LG 65LB6300 is still a good choice that you can consider. The older WebOS 1.0 is indeed older Smart TV platform than WebOS 2.0, but It’s simply able to make the customer satisfied. Is It a good idea to order LG 65LB6300? If you only can find LG 65LB6300 at the same price with LG 65LF6300 or even more expensive then It’s not a good idea to order LG 65LB6300. But when you can find LG 65LB6300 at significant lower price, then you can consider to order LG 65LB6300. Although the Smart TV platform is still WebOS 1.0, but It works perfect without any significant problems. You can try to check the latest best price of LG 65LB6300 here…

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