LG 65UF9500 vs 65UB9500 : Why You Should Consider the New 65UF9500?

LG 65UF9500 is introduced as the top model of 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup. It can be said as replacement model of LG 65UB9500. LG 65UF9500 is released as part of LG UF9500 model. It’s the new model that installed with the new development of picture quality technology from LG named ColorPrime technology. How LG 65UF9500 when We compare it with the older LG 65UB9500? In this article We will talk about LG 65UF9500 and LG 65UB9500 and then compare them to see why you should consider the new LG 65UF9500 as your home TV.

LG 65UF9500 Short Introduction

LG 65UF9500
LG 65UF9500

Nowadays, TV manufacturers is competing to create the best 4K UHD TV. LG is releasing their OLED TV and improving the picture quality in their 4K UHD model. The new technology that introduced by LG on their 4K UHD lineup is ColorPrime technology. It’s currently only installed on the UF9500 model. What’s ColorPrime technology? ColorPrime with Nano Spectrum technology is the new technology with using Nano Spectrum approach to bring higher color contrast and details so that you can enjoy greater realism and depth on your TV screen. LG 65UF9500 is also coming with revamped Smart TV platform from the older WebOS that named WebOS 2.0. WebOS 2.0 bring improved smart functionality and more beautiful interface design. With quad-core processor that installed on LG 65UF9500, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment and smart functions using WebOS 2.0 with fast processing time. Read More LG 65UF9500 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 65UB9500 Short Introduction

LG 65UB9500
LG 65UB9500

LG 65UB9500 is released by LG as part of LG’s 2014 TV lineup. It belongs to LG UB9500 model that’s the Top model of LG’s 2015 TV lineup after LG UB9800. LG 65UB9500 use IPS Panel as its screen that bring more accurate color details from any angle you are watching. LG 65UB9500 is able to bring excellent picture quality with Triple XD Engine technology that completed with Tru-4K Engine Pro that bring near 4K picture quality from your HD contents. LG 65UB9500 as part of LG’s 2014 Smart TV lineup, is one of the first TV models to begin using WebOS as its Smart TV platform. WebOS Smart TV platform is getting good feedback from its users along with good feedback on the excellent picture quality of LG 65UB9500. Read More LG 65UB9500 Customers’ Reviews…

LG 65UF9500 vs 65UB9500 : Specs Comparison

LG 65UF9500 LG 65UB9500
Released March 2015 May 2014
Size of Screen 65-inch 65-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Refresh Rate TruMotion 240Hz TruMotion 240Hz
Backlight Edge-Lit Edge-Lit
Picture Engine Tru-4K Engine Pro Tru-4K Engine Pro
Smart TV Platform WebOS 2.0 WebOS 1.0
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
3D Feature Passive 3D Passive 3D
Speaker System 4.2 60W 2.1 35W
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

What is Better in the New Model?

1. ColorPrime with Nano Spectrum

LG is able to bring excellent 4K UHD picture quality in its 2014’s LG 65UB9500 with Triple XD Engine that completed with Tru-4K Engine Pro. It’s also completed with with IPS Panel that deliver more accurate color details from any angle you are watching the TV. In 2015, besides those technology, LG goes further by installed ColorPrime with nano spectrum technology. With ColorPrime technology, you can enjoy better true-to-life picture quality with wider color spectrum across the color spectrum so that you can get greater realism and depth on your favorite entertainment.

2. WebOS 2.0

WebOS Smart TV that used by most of 2015 LG Smart TV is highly appreciated as a major improvement from the older Smart TV. LG is trying to make it even better with the new WebOS 2.0 that comes as revamped version of WebOS 1.0. As revamped version of WebOS 1.0, you can find few better aspects on WebOS 1.0 such as more beautiful interface design, faster apps response and improved smart functionality.

3. 4.2 60W Speaker System

Speaker is not the most essential component to get excellent entertainment at home since you can attach additional external speaker. But when you have powerful surround sound speaker on your TV then you don’t need to attach additional external speaker. That’s what you can get on LG 65UF9500 as it’s completed with 4.2 60W speaker system. With 4.2 60W speaker system, you can enjoy more powerful surround sound than 2.1 35W speaker system of LG 65UB9500. 4.2 60W is able to satisfy the needs of powerful audio for most people. But when you think It’s still not as good as you want then for sure you can add additional external speaker.

LG 65UF9500 vs 65UB9500: Reason to Consider New Model?

LG 65UF9500 is coming as improved model than the older LG 65UB9500. It’s introduced to bring better picture quality with the new ColorPrime with Nano Spectrum technology. It’s also able to bring better Smart entertainment with the new WebOS 2.0 that bring improvement on the smart function and Smart TV interface design. On the speaker system, you can also get more powerful speaker system with 4.2 60W speaker system that deliver more powerful surround sound with sound system designed by Harman Kardon. LG 65UF9500 is indeed more expensive than LG 65UB9500 but It brings better experience for anyone that have higher taste on home entertainment with better picture, better Smart Entertainment and better sound quality.

LG 65UB9500 is an excellent 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV that highly appreciated with its breathtaking picture quality and easy to use WebOS Smart TV platform. It’s indeed not as good as LG 65UF9500 that use the new ColorPrime technology as well as not as powerful on speaker system with only 2.1 35W speaker system. But It is simply able deliver excellent 4K UHD entertainment that proved by excellent customers ratings that It gets from the time It was released last year. It’s a good alternative choice if you think that LG 65UF9500 is too expensive for your budget.

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