LG 65UH6150 vs 65UF6450 : Comparison of LG’s 2016 and 2015 Basic 65-Inch 4K UHD TV

For basic 65-Inch 4K LED TV, You can find 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 from LG’s 2016 and 2015 TV lineup. In the other words, We can call LG 65UH6150 as the newer model for LG 65UF6450. As the newer model, You can still find few aspects of the older LG 65UF6450 that’s used by LG 65UH6150. But you can also find few improvements on the new LG 65UH6150. How those two basic 65-Inch 4K LED TV compared? I’m quite sure that you are interested to know about the comparison of those two TVs if you are looking for basic 65-Inch 4K LED TV from LG. This comparison review will talk about the comparison of those two TVs and see which of those two TVs is the one that you should choose.

LG 65UH6150 : Basic 65-Inch 4K LED TV from LG’s 2016 TV Lineup

LG 65UH6150
LG 65UH6150

LG 65UH6150 is one of the screen size variant of LG UH6150 that positioned as the basic model for 4K LED TV in LG’s 2016 TV lineup. As the basic 65-Inch 4K UHD TV, LG 65UH6150 is already installed with IPS Panel. IPS panel is able to deliver wide viewing angle that allow you to enjoy brilliant color of 4K from any angle you are watching. LG 65UH6150 comes with UHD Mastering Engine that can deliver accurate details from 4K content sources or from non 4K contents with 4K Upscaler technology. As one of the model that introduced in 2016 lineup, HDR technology is installed on LG 65UH6150. The HDR technology that you can find on LG 65UH6150 is HDR Pro technology. With HDR Pro technology, you can enjoy High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents for better details and enhanced brightness on 4K screen. LG 65UH6150 comes with 2016 version of LG Smart TV that We usually call WebOS 3.0. WebOS 3.0 is basically an improvement from WebOS 2.0. With WebOS 3.0, you can enjoy premium entertainment anytime you want to enjoy it as well as running additional smart functions on your TV screen.

How the customers commented on their new LG 65UH6150? Mostly They talked about good picture quality and great TV in general, although there are a few customers that mention few downsides about the picture as well. The customers also mostly like the Smart TV platform (WebOS) that can deliver premium entertainment to their home. Some of the customers mentioned about the good sound of this TV model as well. Do you want to know more about this TV model from the customers’ experience? You can find out LG 65UH6150 customers’ reviews here…

LG 65UF6450 : LG’s 2015 Basic 65-Inch 4K UHD TV

LG 65UF6450
LG 65UF6450

If you are looking for the most affordable 65-Inch 4K UHD TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup, you can find LG 65UF6450 as your answer. LG 65UF6450 comes with IPS 4K panel that can deliver brilliant picture quality of 4K UHD resolution, while It also can bring accurate color details from any angle you are watching with IPS wide viewing angle. With Tru-4K Engine that combined with 4K Upscaler, you can enjoy accurate details from your original 4K content sources or non-4K contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality with 4K upscaler technology. The refresh rate that installed on LG 65UF6450 is TruMotion 120Hz. It’s indeed not the highest refresh rate that used by LG’s 4K UHD TV, but It still can deliver smooth fast action movies and sports with 4K UHD resolution. As the Smart TV Platform, LG 65UF6450 comes with WebOS 2.0. WebOS 2.0 comes with improvement from the first version of WebOS that used by LG’s 2014 TV lineup. WebOS 2.0 is able to deliver premium entertainment to your home screen, while It also can deliver additional functions with the access to LG Content Store.

Most of the customers of LG 65UF6450 are satisfied with their new TV. This TV has great value for the money said few customers. The picture quality is great for most of the customers, additionally few customers said that the viewing angles are great. The Smart Apps works great and fast based on the customers’ experience. Sound is good although few customers use additional soundbar for better sound experience. If you still want to know more about the customers’ comments on their LG 65UF6450, you can read more LG 65UF6450 customers’ feedback on this page…

Specs Table of LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450

We need to know the key specs of LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 before We can talk more about their comparison. Do you agree? If your answer is Yes, then Let’s take a look together on the specs of LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 that summarized using the table below.

LG 65UH6150 LG 65UF6450
Introduced March 2016 June 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
Picture Engine UHD Mastering Engine Tru-4K Engine
4K Upscaler YES YES
Refresh Rate TruMotion 120Hz TruMotion 120Hz
Smart TV Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 2.0
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
USB/HDMI 3/1 3/1
Price +/- $100 Less

Check Best Offer

+/- $100 More

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Comparison of LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450

Now It’s time for us to talk about the comparison of LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 in details after seeing their specs from the table above. Let’s compare them based on their aspects.

Picture Quality

LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 are both completed with 4K UHD resolution and use In Plane Switching (IPS) Panel. With IPS panel, you can enjoy accurate color details from any angle you are watching. Both of those two TVs are installed with 4K Upscaler so that you can enjoy near 4K picture quality from your non HD contents.

The picture engine that used by LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 are different. LG 65UH6150 use UHD Mastering Engine, while LG 65UF6450 use Tru-4K Engine. UHD Mastering Engine is the new picture engine that deliver relatively better 4K picture than previous Tru-4K Engine. LG 65UH6150 is also completed with HDR technology that We call HDR Pro technology. HDR Pro is able to play High Dynamic Range contents with accurate details and dynamic brightness on your TV screen. HDR Pro can’t be found on the older LG 65UF6450.

Refresh Rate Technology

The refresh rate technology that used by LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 are similar. They use TruMotion 120Hz as their refresh rate. TruMotion 120Hz is indeed not the highest refresh rate of LG 4K UHD TV, but in general It still can deliver smooth fast motion images so that you can enjoy your favorite action movies and sports without any motion blur.

Smart TV Platform

The Smart TV Platform installed on LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450 are basically the same WebOS Smart TV platform. But as those two TVs come from different lineup years, you can also find that the version of WebOS installed on them are different. LG 65UH6150 comes with WebOS 3.0, while LG 65UF6450 comes with WebOS 2.0. While there’s no significant different between them, but you can find that WebOS 3.0 comes with improvement from the older WebOS 2.0 so that It becomes more stable and user friendly.

Speaker System

You can find the same similar speaker system installed on LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450. They come with 2Ch 20W speaker system. 2Ch 20W speaker system is indeed common speaker system used by standard 4K UHD TV and in general can deliver good sound quality. But for more powerful immersive sound, soundbar is needed. You can attach additional soundbar or speaker easily on both LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450.


There’s a different price between LG 65UH6150 and 65UF6450. LG 65UH6150 is firstly released with the lower price than LG 65UF6450. It’s around $100 lower when It was introduced. But you may find few retailers offering LG 65UF6450 at the lower price than LG 65UH6150 as It’s the older model that should be out from the stocks soon. After all We all agree that the price of TVs is not fixed.

Why Should You Choose the New LG 65UH6150?

LG 65UH6150 is the newer model that comes with improvements from the older model. You can find that the newer LG 65UH6150 is completed with HDR Pro technology, improved picture engine and updated Smart TV platform. With new LG 65UH6150, you can enjoy better details and dynamic brightness from your High Dynamic Range contents. You can also enjoy relatively better 4K picture quality with the new UHD Mastering Engine as its picture engine. The Smart TV platform is also able to deliver more stable and user friendly platform with WebOS 3.0. Additionally LG 65UH6150 is introduced at $100 that make it no brainer choice for most customers. Where you should order LG 65UH6150? We recommend you to order LG 65UH6150 here…

LG 65UF6450 is the older model that received excellent feedback from its customers. It’s not completed with HDR Pro, use older picture engine and Smart TV version. But overall It still can deliver good picture quality as well as deliver premium entertainment without any problem. As It comes as the older model, you may find some retailers offering LG 65UF6450 at the lower price than LG 65UH6150. When you can find LG 65UF6450 at the lower price than LG 65UH6150, then you can consider it as your choice. Maybe you can consider to check today’s price of LG 65UF6450 here…

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