LG OLED65E6P vs 65EG9600 : Which 65-Inch OLED 4K TV is for You?

You might be thinking about LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 when you are looking for 65-Inch OLED 4K TV for your next living room entertainment screen. OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 are introduced from different lineup year, OLED65E6P come from 2016 lineup, while 65EG9600 is part of LG’s 2015 TV lineup. If you are interested in those two TVs as your choice, I’m quite sure that you want to know more about their comparison. This article will help you to know more about the comparison of those two TVs, then discuss which of them is more suitable for you.

LG OLED65E6P : LG’s 2016 Middle Model for 65-Inch OLED 4K TV


LG OLED65E6P is 65-Inch OLED TV model that positioned as the model below OLED65G6P in 2016 TV lineup. LG OLED65E6P comes with flat panel screen. OLED panel that used by OLED65E6P is able to deliver perfect black with its ability to be switched off completely, infinite contrast with the pixel dimming (the pixels can be self dimmed and brightened), and cinematic color since the OLED color palettes match today’s digital cinemas range of hues. OLED65E6P is also completed with Passive 3D features that deliver cinematic watching experience with the OLED panel and 4K UHD resolution. There’s also new OLED HDR with Dolby Vision support technology attached on LG OLED65E6P screen. With OLED HDR, you can get enhanced brightness and details from your High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. For the Smart TV platform, you can find WebOS 3.0 that’s widely used by LG’s 2016 Smart TV lineup. WebOS is able to deliver premium contents to your home screen, while provide you with other smart functions with the access to LG content/Apps Store. For more convenient controlling, LG OLED65E6P set is included with premium magic remote.

The customers are satisfied with their OLED65E6P, while for sure there are few little complains as well. The mostly talked is the picture quality. Almost everyone agree that OLED65E6P is able to deliver amazing picture quality with excellent upscaling and deep blacks. Few customers even call OLED65E6P as best TV ever made. They said that WebOS is easy to use and intuitive, while the setup was quick and easy based on their experience. The sound is quite good for most customers but most of them replace the internal sound with soundbar or other surround sound system for more powerful sound quality. Do you want to know more about LG OLED65E6P? I’m sure that read more LG OLED65E6P customers’ reviews is a good idea for you…

LG 65EG9600 : LG’s 2015 Bestselling 65-Inch Curved OLED 4K TV

LG 65EG9600
LG 65EG9600

One of the most popular OLED from 2015 lineup is LG 65EG9600. It comes with curved panel design in 65-Inch screen size. With its OLED Panel, LG 65EG9600 is able to deliver perfect black and infinite contrast. It can be delivered by the ability of OLED pixels to be dimmed, brighten and powered off completely. The color palettes of OLED is also able to match the range of hues from today’s high end cinemas so It can bring cinematic watching experience. LG 65EG9600 comes with curved panel design, that intended to deliver panoramic watching experience. The Smart TV platform of LG 65EG9600 is WebOS 2.0. It’s indeed the older version of WebOS, but It still can deliver premium contents, as well as deliver additional smart functions to your home screen with LG content/Apps store access. Magic remote is also included with LG 65EG9600 that make controlling works easier and faster. Passive 3D is also attached in LG 65EG9600 to give you option to enjoy your favorite movies in 3D or 2D.

LG 65EG9600 was quite popular in 2015. It’s also still a popular choice for 65-Inch OLED TV in 2016. The customers often said about the beautiful picture quality with excellent contrast. Additionally few customers mention that this TV is also excellent for video gaming. The setup and menu are intuitive said the customers, while The Smart TV platform is easy to use. Most of the customers love the magic remote, but a number of them do not like it much for some specific reasons such as difficult typing and less familiar remote design. A number of customers were not satisfied with the “tiny” sound that delivered by this TV model, but They have attached additional soundbar or other external sound system and It simply can deliver the sound that they expected. If you need to know more about LG 65EG9600 from the customers’ point of view, you can find out more about LG 65EG9600 customers’ feedback on this page…

Specs of LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600

To talk more about comparison of LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600, We need to know the specs of those two TVs. Let’s check out the table below of the specs of those two TVs.

LG OLED65E6P LG 65EG9600 
Introduced January 2016 March 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Panel Design Flat Curved
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Technology OLED OLED
Pixel Dimming YES YES
4K Upscaler YES YES
OLED HDR with Dolby Vision YES NO
Smart TV Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 2.0
3D Feature Passive 3D Passive 3D
Remote Control Premium Magic Remote Magic Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11 a/c 802.11n
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 2Ch 20W
USB/HDMI 4/3 3/3
Price +/- $2100 Higher

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+/- $2100 Lower

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After We know the specs of LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600, We can talk more about their comparison. Let’s make comparison between those two TVs using the specs from the table above.

Panel Design

OLED65E6P comes with flat panel design, while the older 65EG9600 use curved panel design. Curved panel design is intended to bring panoramic watching experience, but a lot of people still prefer the flat panel one. So flat and curved is all about preference. Some customers love flat one, while the other love the newer curved panel one.

Picture Technology

The picture technology of OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 is quite similar with its OLED panel. They can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color. They are also completed with 4K Upscaler technology to deliver near 4K picture quality from non 4K contents.

As the new model, LG OLED65E6P comes with the new OLED HDR with Dolby Vision support. With OLED HDR, you can enjoy enhanced details and contrast from your High Dynamic Range contents that including support to Dolby Vision that used by major studios so that you can enjoy the content just like intended by the film director.

3D Feature

LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 come with Passive 3D feature. Passive 3D feature is able to deliver cinematic 3D watching experience with OLED panel and 4K UHD resolution. Additional The TV sets are also included with 2 glasses so you don’t have to purchase the 3D glasses separately.

Smart TV Platform and Remote Control

LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 come with similar WebOS Smart TV platform. They are only different in version. WebOS 3.0 is installed on LG OLED65E6P, while WebOS 2.0 is the one that you can find on LG 65EG9600. WebOS 3.0 comes with improvements from WebOS 2.0 so that It become more stable and user friendly. The magic remote are also included on both of LG OLED65E6P and 65EG9600. But the magic remote type is different although They are similar in functions. LG OLED65E6P comes with premium magic remote that looks more classy than standard magic remote included with LG 65EG9600.

Speaker System

The speaker system of LG OLED65E6P is more powerful than LG 65EG9600. It comes with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while LG 65EG9600 is only attached with 2Ch 20W speaker system. The speaker is also located in the different location as well. LG OLED65E6P’s speaker is positioned on the TV stand with soundbar alike design, while LG 65EG9600’s speaker is located on the body of the TV.

Built-in Wifi

Built-in Wifi that come with OLED65E6P is different with the one installed on 65EG9600. LG OLED65E6P comes with 802.11 a/c wireless, while LG 65EG9600 only use the older 802.11 n wireless. 802.11 a/c wireless is technically able to deliver faster internet connection to your TV so that you can stream your favorite 4K contents smoothly.


When It comes to price, We have to say that LG OLED65E6P is now commonly priced at significantly higher price than LG 65EG9600. You can find that OLED65E6P is usually offered at around $2100 higher than LG 65EG9600. Although the price is not fixed since It’s changed month by month, but in general LG OLED65E6P is usually higher in price than LG 65EG9600.

Which One is for You?

We have talked about OLED65E6P and 65EG9600 as well as their comparison. We can find there are few better things on LG OLED65E6P. It comes with OLED HDR with Dolby Vision technology, newer WebOS 3.0 as its Smart TV platform, more classy magic remote, more powerful speaker system and faster wireless connection. But you have to pay a higher price for LG OLED65E6P. If you don’t mind to pay higher for the latest HDR, WebOS as well as more powerful speaker and faster wireless connection then you should consider LG OLED65E6P as your choice. Where you should order LG OLED65E6P? You should consider to order OLED65E6P here…

In the other side, LG 65EG9600 is a good alternative choice for you if you have more limited budget for your 65-Inch OLED 4K TV. Although It’s not completed with OLED HDR, use older WebOS 2.0, comes with less powerful speaker system and less faster wireless connection, but overall you can still enjoy beautiful 4K picture in OLED screen as well as enjoy your favorite premium contents without any problems. Where you can order LG 65EG9600? You should check today’s price for LG 65EG9600 here…

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