LG OLED65G6P vs 65EF9500 : What are the Differences on the New and Old LG’s 65-Inch Flat OLED Smart TV?

If you are looking for 65-Inch Flat OLED TV, You can find OLED65G6P and 65EF9500 as the top model from LG’s 2016 and 2015 lineup. We can say that OLED65G6P is the new model of LG 65EF9500 in LG’s 2016 TV lineup. What are the differences between them? You may ask that question if you are interested in those two TVs as your next 65-Inch OLED TV. Let’s discuss about those two TVs then move forward and see their differences on this article so that you can be sure whether choose the older LG 65EF9500 or go ahead with the new OLED65G6P.



LG OLED65G6P is currently positioned as the top model for 65-Inch Flat OLED 4K UHD TV in LG’s 2016 TV lineup. With OLED Panel,  LG OLED65G6P is able to deliver perfect black with infinite contrast in its screen. Besides using the OLED that can deliver wide color gamut, LG OLED65G6P is also completed with Color Prime Pro as its color technology. Color Prime Pro works by expanded color palettes to match how the contents are mastered by today’s digital cinemas. So It can preserve the lifelike color details just like what the creator intended. LG OLED65G6P is also completed with the HDR Pro technology. With HDR Pro technology, you can enjoy enhanced High Dynamic Range contents for superior HDR viewing experience. HDR Pro is able to bring increased contrast ratio and color range for greater picture details. The Smart TV platform that installed on LG OLED65G6P is WebOS 3.0 that comes as the improvement from WebOS 2.0. WebOS 3.0 is able to deliver premium contents to your home, while It also can run additional Smart functions. Additionally LG OLED65G6P also comes with magic remote premium + card slim to help you control the TV and the WebOS conveniently.

While introduced at high price, The customers of LG OLED65G6P are mostly satisfied with their purchase. They mostly agree that LG OLED65G6P is able to deliver outstanding picture quality. The color is very rich and theater alike, while the blacks are really black. The movement is very smooth said the other customer. There’s a customer that consider the OLED65G6P is the mature version of LG OLED technology. Do you want to know more about LG OLED65G6P from the customers’ point of view? You can go ahead and read LG OLED65G6P customers’ reviews here…

LG 65EF9500

LG 65EF9500
LG 65EF9500

LG 65EF9500 is one of popular choice for 65-Inch OLED TV from LG’s 2015 TV lineup. With self-lighting pixels that can be completely switch off, you can achieve perfect black on the pixels of OLED. The OLED display is also able to deliver wide gamut of accurate colors with pure black background so that It can deliver more vibrant and detailed images. LG 65EF9500 is also able to deliver wide viewing angle so that you can enjoy the color and clarity of this OLED TV from any angle you are watching. LG 65EF9500 is also completed with Passive 3D feature so It can deliver immersive 3D experience in 4K picture quality. WebOS 2.0 is installed on LG 65EF9500 as its Smart TV platform. With WebOS 2.0, you can enjoy premium entertainment on your TV screen while also run additional Smart functions. Magic Remote is also included to make controlling the TV easier and quicker.

How’s the customers’ feedback about LG 65EF9500? The customers are mostly satisfied with their purchase. For sure as They are satisfied with this TV model, The picture quality delivered by LG 65EF9500 is excellent. The TV is able to deliver True Blacks, while the color, clarity and contrast is mind-blowing said the customers. The WebOS Smart TV platform is also easy to use based on the feedback from the customers. They also don’t have any problems with streaming contents from their favorite content providers. You can find out more about LG 65EF9500 customers’ feedback on this page…

Comparison Table of LG OLED65G6P and 65EF9500

We need to know how the specs of LG OLED65G6P and 65EF9500 compared before We can talk more about the differences of those two TVs. In this table We can see the specs of those two TVs are compared side by side. Let’s take a look together before We discuss more about their differences details.

LG OLED65G6P LG 65EF9500
Introduced January 2016 August 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Tech OLED OLED
4K Upscaler YES YES
Perfect Mastering Engine YES YES
OLED HDR Pro with Dolby Vision YES NO
Color Prime Pro YES NO
Smart TV Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 2.0
3D Feature Passive 3D Passive 3D
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 4.2Ch 60W 2Ch 20W
USB/HDMI 4/3 3/3
Price +/- $4500 More

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+/- $4500 Less

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What are the Differences?

From the table above, We can find the differences of LG OLED65G6P and 65EF9500 easily. But I’m quite sure that you want to know more about those differences. Let’s talk about those differences in details.

1. Color Prime Pro

While We know that OLED is able to deliver accurate color details with wide gamut, LG OLED65G6P is even better with additional Color Prime Pro technology installed on it. With Color Prime Pro, LG OLED65G6P is able to deliver cinematic color as the color palettes has been expanded to match today’s digital cinema color mastering. So you can simply enjoy cinematic color on LG OLED65G6P. This technology can’t be found on LG 65EF9500.

2. OLED HDR Pro with Dolby Vision

LG 65EF9500 is able to display HDR contents. But LG OLED65G6P comes with HDR Pro with Dolby Vision that can bring High Dynamic Range contents to its best performance. With HDR Pro, LG OLED65G6P brings increased contrast ratio and color range for greater picture details. LG OLED65G6P also support Dolby Vision HDR format that doesn’t supported by LG 65EF9500.

3. WebOS Version

WebOS is installed on LG OLED65G6P and 65EF9500 as their Smart TV Platform. But the version of the WebOS is different. LG OLED65G6P comes with WebOS 3.0, while LG 65EF9500 use WebOS 2.0. While there’s no big difference between those two versions, but WebOS 3.0 comes with improvements so that the new version become more stable and quicker.

4. Speaker System

The speaker of LG OLED65G6P and 65EF9500 are both designed by Harman/Kardon. But their speaker system and power output are different. LG OLED65G6P comes with 4.2Ch 60W speaker system, while LG 65EF9500 comes with 2Ch 20W speaker system. With 4.2Ch 60W speaker system, LG OLED65G6P is able to deliver more powerful immersive sound quality than what 2Ch 20W speaker system of LG 65EF9500 can deliver. Additionally, LG OLED65G6P’s speaker is unique. The speaker of LG OLED65G6P also serve as TV stand. But the speaker is able to be folded up behind the TV for wall mounting.

5. Price

When We talk about price, as the older model and now discontinued, LG 65EF9500 is now offered at discounted price. You can find that LG 65EF9500 is offered at less than half the price of LG OLED65G6P. Although price of TV is not a fixed thing, but you can be sure that LG 65EF9500 is much more affordable than LG OLED65G6P.

Choose the New or Older Model?

From our discussion above, We can find that LG OLED65G6P is the newer and better model than 65EF9500. It comes with additional Color Prime Pro and OLED HDR Pro as its additional picture technology. It also comes with the newer version of WebOS that completed with more powerful speaker system. But the price of LG OLED65G6P is much more expensive than LG 65EF9500. You should pay more than twice of LG65EF9500 for LG OLED65G6P. So if you think you don’t have any problem with money and pay much higher for the latest picture technology and better sound quality then you should go ahead with LG OLED65G6P. Where you can order one? We recommend you to order LG OLED65G6P here…

In the other hand, LG 65EF9500 is perfect alternative choice for you if your budget is limited. It’s generally priced at half the price of LG OLED65G6P that make it very affordable for most customers although the stocks are limited since It’s the older model that already discontinued. It’s indeed not completed with OLED HDR Pro and Color Prime Pro while It also use the older version of WebOS and less powerful speaker system. But basically It still can deliver good picture quality as well as bring premium entertainment to your home without any problems. Where you should order one? LG 65EF9500 is limited in stocks. You can check today’s price and stocks for LG 65EF9500 here…


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