Samsung UN55JU7100 vs Sony XBR55X850C : Which is Better Choice?

Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C are two of the most popular choices for anyone looking for 55-Inch flat Smart 4K UHD TV. They are introduced by Samsung and Sony for their 2015 TV lineup. Samsung UN55JU7100 is positioned by Samsung as their middle model for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, while Sony XBR55X850C is currently the basic model for their 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. Those two TVs have several similarities that maybe rise a question which of those TVs is the better choice. If you are in search of 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, then I’m quite sure that you need to read this comparison review about Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C.

Introduction to Samsung UN55JU7100

Samsung UN55JU7100
Samsung UN55JU7100

If you are looking for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you want instant answer for that need then some people will promptly recommend Samsung UN55JU7100. Samsung UN55JU7100 is one of the most popular choice for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV for the reason of its Samsung brand and its excellent track record from its previous UN55HU8550 model. Samsung UN55JU7100 use the new Smart TV platform that introduced by Samsung on 2015 that usually called 2015 Samsung Smart TV. It’s powered by the new Tizen OS as its operating system. You can enjoy more Smart Apps that you can run on Tizen OS compared the older OS of Samsung Smart TV. Samsung UN55JU7100 is completed with the new Peak illuminator technology as well as PurColor technology that’s initially only installed on the top model of Samsung’s 2014 lineup. Overall We can find improvements on both Smart TV platform and picture quality technology on Samsung UN55JU7100. What’s the customers response to Samsung UN55JU7100? Mostly the customers talk about excellent picture quality of Samsung UN55JU7100 that completed with beautiful design and impressive Smart Remote control. Some of them also talks about upgrading firmware and setting up the TV to get the best watching experience. If you want to proceed with reading their comments on Samsung UN55JU7100, You can find out that here…

Sony XBR55X850C Introduction

Sony XBR55X850C
Sony XBR55X850C

If We talk about Smart TV, then We should consider Sony as a reputable brand. The close competitor of Samsung UN55JU7100 is Sony XBR55X850C from Sony’s 2015 TV lineup. Sony XBR55X850B is basically a revamped version of Sony XBR55X850B. X850B model itself is Sony’s standard for Smart 4K UHD TV from 2014 lineup. X850B is getting excellent feedback for its excellent 4K UHD picture quality and the brilliant near 4K picture quality of its HD upscaling. The technology installed on X850C model is basically almost the same as the older X850B. The improvements that you can find from the older X850B model comes from the refresh rate technology and Smart TV platform. Sony XBR55X850C as part of X850C model is no longer use Sony Entertainment Network as its Smart TV platform, but use Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform. With Sony Android TV, you can enjoy more smart apps that can be run on your TV with the access to Android PlayStore. How’s the customers feedback for Sony XBR55X850C? Mostly the customers are satisfied with the excellent picture quality delivered by the TV screen. The android TV platform gives more smart apps choices but some of the customers also talks about the Android platform that still buggy and need a little more improvement. Are you eager to know what the customers said about Sony XBR55X850C? You can check that out here…

Differences between Samsung UN55JU7100 vs Sony XBR55X850C

If We are talking about differences, there are quite significant differences between Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C as those two TVs are using different technology and features approach. Let’s see them in details.

1. Picture Quality Technology

Samsung UN55JU7100 use Samsung based technology that mainly consist of UHD Dimming, PurColor and Peak Illuminator. While Sony XBR55X850C contain Sony based technology that mainly use 4K X-Reality Pro and Triluminos Display. The combination between UHD Dimming, PurColor and peak illuminator technology is able to deliver sharp image details in 4K UHD picture resolution. So as the combination of 4K X-Reality Pro picture Engine and the Triluminos display that deliver brilliant picture quality with excellent color accuracy. Which one is better? The picture quality produced by both of Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C are almost the same so We can’t say that one is better over another. They are both able to deliver excellent 4K UHD picture quality as well as produce near 4K picture quality using their upscaling engine.

2. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN55JU7100 use the latest version of Samsung Smart TV that powered by Tizen OS, while Sony XBR55X850C use the new Smart TV platform that introduced by Sony for their 2015 Smart TV lineup that powered by Android OS. It’s usually called Sony Android TV. Which of those is better? 2015 Samsung Smart TV is better on the maturity of the platform, while Sony Android TV give you boarder range of Smart Apps with the access to Play Store.

3. 3D Glasses

Both of Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C come with Active 3D feature. The difference between those two TVs is their 3D glasses. Samsung UN55JU7100 is not completed with any 3D glasses on its set so you have to purchase separate 3D glasses, while Sony XBR55850C is completed with Active 3D glasses so that you don’t need to purchase any 3D glasses with your TV purchase.

Summary: Which one to Choose?

Samsung UN55JU7100 and Sony XBR55X850C are two of the best choices for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from 2015 TV lineup. They are both able to deliver excellent picture quality with 4K UHD picture resolution or HD resolution that upscaled into near 4K picture quality although they use different technology approach. So which of those two TVs is the better choice for your home? It’s quite difficult to answer that question. But basically you can make a choice based on the features and specs that you need. If you want more complete features such as better smart remote with better voice interaction then you should go with Samsung UN55JU7100. But when you need 3D feature and don’t want to spend more money on 3D glasses then you should consider Sony XBR55X850C. It’s also the one that you should choose if you prefer to use Android as your OS.

Any Recommended Retailer to Order?

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  1. I’m wondering which one to choose for my home. I want tv for gaming and movies and this 2 tvs are my fav. Which I have to choose for ps4 games

    1. Hi George,
      If you use the TV mostly to play PS4 games, then I recommend you to go with Sony XBR55X850C since Sony TV and Sony PS4 is a perfect pair.
      Thanks for coming

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