Samsung UN55JU7500 vs UN55JU6700: Any Significant Differences?

When you take a look on UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700 TV model of Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup, I’m quite sure that you are looking for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you are interested in curved panel design TV. As both of Samsung UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700 are 55-Inch screen size and comes with 4K UHD picture resolution, then the question is what’s their difference. You need to answer that question so that you can be sure which of them is the better choice for you.

Samsung UN55JU7500 Introduction

Samsung UN55JU7500
Samsung UN55JU7500

When We talk about Samsung UN55JU7500, then We are talking about standard 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. It can be said as the new model of Samsung UN55HU9000 as part of 2014’s HU9000 model. As the standard model for curved Smart 4K UHD TV, Samsung UN55JU7500 is completed with almost the same technology as the older HU9000 model. It’s completed with PurColor to deliver more precision color details in 4K UHD resolution. Additionally It’s completed with Peak Illuminator to complement the previous Precision Black technology that continues to be installed on UN55JU7500 from its previous HU9000 model. Samsung UN55JU7500 also use the top available Motion Rate (Motion Rate 240) to deliver smooth fast motion images both for watching purpose or gaming purpose. On the Smart TV platform, you can find the new Tizen Based Smart TV platform installed on UN55JU7500. You can also enjoy easy control to your TV screen and its Smart TV platform with Smart Remote that completed with Voice Interaction to control your TV using your voice. If you enjoy watching 3D entertainment, then Samsung UN55JU7500 is able to deliver your favorite 3D entertainment with Active 3D features completed with its 3D glasses.

What the customers’ said about Samsung UN55JU7500? Most of them talking about great picture quality especially emphasize on the excellent upscaling to 4K UHD picture quality. They also said about the easy to set up TV set. Just some of them suggest to check the manual to use the TV optimally including the Wireless and Smart TV platform that needed to be set to works properly. If you are eager to know more about the customers’ feedback, you can read more Customers’ reviews here…

Samsung UN55JU6700 Introduction

Samsung UN55JU6700
Samsung UN55JU6700

Samsung UN55JU6700 is positioned as basic 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. It can be called as the replacement model of Samsung UN55HU7250 of 2014’s HU7250 model. What’s the new thing that you can find on Samsung UN55JU6700? It’s PurColor technology. It’s the technology that only installed on HU9000 model but now It’s widely installed on Samsung’s 4K UHD TV including Samsung UN55JU6700. As part of Samsung’s 2015 4K UHD TV lineup, Samsung UN55JU6700 is also completed with the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV. The Tizen based Smart TV platform let the user run more smart apps on their TV. With the increasing number of Tizen Smart Apps, then more smart functions are able to be run on Samsung’s Tizen based Smart TV platform and one of them is Samsung UN55JU6700.

How’s the customer response to Samsung UN55JU6700 and JU6700 model generally? They’re mostly satisfied with their purchase. They are talking about the good color and clarity level of the TV. This TV is also perfect choice if you are looking for larger Gaming Monitor with 4K UHD picture resolution. They also talked about Curved panel that give immersive watching experience on short distance watching. It won’t affect a lot when watching from watching the TV with quite far distance. Additionally some customers said that JU6700 is affordable but reliable choice. You can take a look at Samsung UN55JU6700 customers reviews if you are still not sure that this is an excellent 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV with excellent customers’ feedback.

Samsung UN55JU7500 vs UN55JU6700: Specs Table

To know more about the comparison between Samsung UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700, let’s take a look at the table below

Samsung UN55JU7500 Samsung UN55JU6700
Introduced March 2015 March 2015
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Panel Design Curved Curved
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 Motion Rate 120
PurColor YES YES
Peak Illuminator YES NO
3D Feature Active 3D NO
Smart Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Speaker System 2.2Ch40W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3
Price Higher Check Best Price Lower Check Best Price

Any Significant Differences?

There’re few differences of Samsung UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700 as the standard and basic model for 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV. Although some small differences is not disclosed by Samsung, but most of the significant differences are available to the public. Let’s discuss together on their significant differences:

1. Refresh Rate

Samsung is now use the new Motion Rate as their new standard of refresh rate measurement. Samsung UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700 use different Motion Rate. UN55JU7500 use Motion Rate 240, while UN55JU6700 use Motion Rate 120. Although in most watching occasion, you won’t notice the difference between Motion Rate 240 and 120, but You may notice that Motion Rate 120 is sometime deliver a little motion blur when you are using UN55JU6700 as your gaming monitor and playing fast motion gaming.

2. Peak Illuminator

Peak illuminator is the new technology that developed by Samsung to deliver better details on the bright part of the TV screen using the LED illumination. It’s used firstly on Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. There’re 3 kinds of Peak illuminator from Samsung. Peak Illuminator Ultimate, Peak Illuminator Pro and the standard peak illuminator. Samsung UN55JU7500 use the standard peak illuminator in combination with Precision Black technology. While Samsung UN55JU6700 is not completed with any Peak Illuminator technology. With additional Peak Illuminator technology, Samsung UN55JU7500 is able to deliver more vibrant contrast than Samsung UN55JU6700 that’s not completed with peak illuminator technology.

3. 3D Feature

If you love to watch 3D movies and entertainment, then Samsung UN55JU7500 is a perfect choice for you since It’s installed with Active 3D feature completed with 3D glasses that comes with its set. With Samsung UN55JU7500, you can enjoy both 2D and 3D entertainment on the TV screen. Samsung UN55JU6700 in the other hand is not coming with any 3D feature. So that you can only enjoy 2D entertainment with Samsung UN55JU6700.

4. Speaker System

Although you can add additional soundbar to improve the sound quality of the TV, but some people prefer to use the built-in speaker from the TV. There’s a difference on the TV speaker system between UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700. Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with more powerful 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while Samsung UN55JU6700 is only completed with less powerful 2Ch 20W speaker system. With 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, you can get more powerful surround sound on Samsung UN55JU7500 than 2Ch 20W speaker system of Samsung UN55JU6700.

5. Price

In the reverse side of better features and technology is price. Samsung UN55JU6700 that comes with less picture quality technology, no 3D and less powerful Speaker system is priced at more affordable price than Samsung UN55JU7500. Although It’s priced at more affordable price, You can still count on the picture quality and Smart entertainment of Samsung UN55JU6700 as what the customers already said about it.

Summary: Which One is For You?

Talking about 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup, We have two choices for non SUHD TV model, UN55JU7500 and UN55JU6700. They are both already rated with excellent customers feedback so they are both can be your choices. The key factor in my opinion is your budget. If you have budget more than $1500 then you should purchase Samsung UN55JU7500. You can get additional 3D feature, relatively better picture quality and refresh rate, as well as more powerful speaker system. Where you can get the best deal for Samsung UN55JU7500? I should recommend you to order Samsung UN55JU7500 for the best deal…

But if you have budget just around $1200, then you should consider Samsung UN55JU6700. It’s not a disappointing choice as It’s rated with excellent customers feedback that prove It’s a good 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV to consider. Besides It’s not completed with peak illuminator and only use Motion Rate 120, but overall It’s still able to deliver excellent 4K UHD picture quality as well as less motion blur on your TV screen. You can also add additional soundbar later if you are not satisfied with its speaker system. You can Order Samsung UN55JU6700 here to get the best deal today…

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