Samsung UN55KU7500 vs UN55JU7500 : What are Key Differences Between the Newer and Older?

Samsung UN55KU7500 is easily noticeable as the new model of Samsung UN55JU7500. They both come with curved panel design and both are positioned as the model below SUHD TV series. If you are interested in Samsung UN55KU7500, I’m quite sure that you are asking about the similarities differences between the older Samsung UN55JU7500 and the newer UN55KU7500. So what are the key differences between those two curved 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV? Let’s talk about the similarities and differences of those two TVs so that you should choose the new model or consider the older model instead.

Samsung UN55KU7500 vs UN55JU7500 : Similarities

Samsung UN55KU7500
Samsung UN55KU7500

There are a number of similarities between Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500. Let’s check out their key similarities.

1. Panel Resolution and Design

Both of Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 come with 4K UHD resolution that completed with UHD Upscaling technology. So you can enjoy brilliant 4K UHD picture quality as well as near 4K picture quality from upscaled non UHD contents with UHD upscaling technology. They also come with curved panel design, so you can enjoy panoramic watching experience on both Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500. The curved panel design is also completed with Auto Depth Enhancer that can deliver greater sense of depth on the curved screen by optimized contrast across multiple zones of picture.

2. UHD Dimming

Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 also come with the same dimming technology, UHD Dimming. With UHD Dimming, you can enjoy brilliant picture quality from original 4K content sources or from non 4K content sources with the help of UHD Upscaling technology.

3. Smart TV with Smart Remote

Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 are both coming as Smart TV. They come with Samsung Smart TV, although They are different in version. With Smart TV platform installed on those two TVs, you can enjoy premium entertainment almost instantly as They also come with built-in wifi that connect to your home network without any hassle. To control the TV and its Smart TV platform, Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 also come with Smart Remote that make it easier to control the Smart TV platform and the TV in general.

The similarities of Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 can be summarized using the table below.

Samsung UN55KU7500 Samsung UN55JU7500
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Panel Design Curved Curved
Backlight LED LED
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
UHD Upscaling YES YES
Depth Enhancing Technology Auto Depth Enhancer Auto Depth Enhancer
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES

Samsung UN55KU7500 vs UN55JU7500 : Key Differences

Samsung UN55JU7500
Samsung UN55JU7500

Besides similarities, there are also differences between Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500. Do you want to know more about their differences? Let me discuss more about that.

1. HDR Premium

HDR Premium is one of the important improvement of Samsung UN55KU7500. With HDR Premium, you can enjoy High Dynamic Range contents on your TV screen. While Samsung UN55JU7500 as the older model doesn’t come with HDR Premium.

2. Color Technology

Samsung UN55KU7500 comes with the new Active Crystal Color as the improvement from the older PurColor technology. The older Samsung UN55JU7500 still comes with PurColor technology. With Active Crystal Color technology, you can enjoy more true-to-life color details than what PurColor can deliver.

3. Peak Illuminator – Precision Black

Samsung UN55KU7500 as the new model doesn’t come with peak illuminator and precision black that’s installed on the older Samsung UN55JU7500. With peak illuminator, you can enjoy greater details on the bright part of the screen. While precision black deliver deeper black level on the TV screen. With combination between peak illuminator and precision black, you can experience more vibrant contrast on the screen.

4. Refresh Rate

Samsung use Motion Rate to measure the quality of the refresh rate of its LED TV. Samsung UN55KU7500 comes with lower Motion Rate than the older Samsung UN55JU7500. With Motion Rate 240, you can experience smoother fast motion images on the older Samsung UN55JU7500 than what you can get in Samsung UN55KU7500 with Motion Rate 120. The difference is not easily seen if We use the TV to watch action movies and sports, but you may notice the difference when you use the TV as your gaming monitor.

5. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 comes with Samsung Smart TV that powered by Tizen OS as their Smart TV platform. They also use the same quad-core processor to deliver fast processing time when you run heavier apps and multi-tasking process. But Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 is actually different on the version of its Samsung Smart TV. Samsung UN55KU7500 comes with the improved 2016 Samsung Smart TV, while Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with the older 2015 Samsung Smart TV. The new 2016 Samsung Smart TV comes with improvements from 2015 Samsung Smart TV for better Smart TV experience.

6. 3D Feature

Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with Active 3D as its 3D feature, but the new Samsung UN55KU7500 doesn’t come with any 3D feature. With Active 3D feature, you can enjoy 3D entertainment on Samsung UN55JU7500. Although the new Samsung UN55KU7500 is not completed with any 3D entertainment but you can enjoy near 3D picture quality with its new HDR Premium in 4K UHD resolution.

7. Speaker System

The speaker system installed on Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 are different. Samsung UN55KU7500 comes with 2Ch 20W speaker system, while Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system. With 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, you can enjoy more powerful immersive sound quality on Samsung UN55JU7500.

8. HDMI/USB Inputs

The number of HDMI and USB inputs that installed on Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 are different. Samsung UN55KU7500 comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB, while Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB. With more HDMI and USB inputs, you can connect more devices at the same time.

9. Price

There’s a price difference between Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500. The older Samsung UN55JU7500 is commonly priced at the higher price, although you may find it priced lower because of retailer’s discount as It’s the older model.

From our discussion above, we can summarize the differences of Samsung UN55KU7500 and UN55JU7500 using the table below.

Samsung UN55KU7500 Samsung UN55JU7500
HDR Premium YES NO
Color Technology Active Crystal Color PurColor
Peak Illuminator NO YES
Precision Black NO YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 240
Smart TV Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
3D Feature NO Active 3D
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2.2Ch 40W
HDMI/USB 3/2 4/3
Price Lower

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Which One to Order : The Newer or The Older?

We have discussed about Samsung UN55KU7500 as the newer model and UN55JU7500 as the older model. There some aspects that Samsung UN55KU7500 is better, while there also other aspects that Samsung UN55JU7500 is better. Samsung UN55KU7500 is better in delivering High Dynamic Range contents as It’s completed with HDR Premium technology. It also comes with better color technology as It use the newer and better Active Crystal Color technology. It’s also completed with the new improved 2016 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. In the price side, you can also find that Samsung UN55KU7500 is commonly priced at around slightly lower price than Samsung UN55JU7500. So, If you are looking for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR technology as well as better color technology while It also comes with the new version of Smart TV platform and a little less in price, then Samsung UN55KU7500 is the one that you should choose. If you need more reason to choose Samsung UN55KU7500 as your next 55-Inch 4K UHD TV, then you should take a look at customers’ feedback for their Samsung UN55KU7500 on this page…

In the other hand, Samsung UN55JU7500 comes with few better aspects as well. It comes with better vibrancy with peak illuminator and precision black combination. It also can bring smoother fast motion images with higher refresh rate (Motion Rate 240) and 3D entertainment with Active 3D feature installed on it. The speaker system of Samsung UN55JU7500 is also can deliver more powerful immersive sound quality with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system. There’s also more HDMI/USB inputs on Samsung UN55JU7500 as It comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs. So when you are looking for the better aspects of Samsung UN55JU7500 such as 3D feature, smoother fast motion images or more powerful speaker system then I’m sure that you should consider Samsung UN55JU7500 if you don’t mind to add your budget. Samsung UN55JU7500 is also proved to be able to deliver excellent picture quality as well as deliver premium entertainment without any problem from what the customers’ said. If you are still eager to know more about customers’ feedback, You can check out Samsung UN55JU7500 customers’ reviews here…

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