Samsung UN65KS8500 vs UN65KS8000 : Any Differences that You Need to Know?

When you consider UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000 as your next TV, I’m quite sure that you are looking for 65-Inch Smart SUHD TV with more affordable price. Both of those two TVs are indeed positioned as affordable 65-Inch SUHD TV from Samsung’s 2016 lineup. I’m quite sure that you are asking about the differences of those two TVs before you decide which of those two TVs model is the one that you should choose. This article is intended to give you short introduction about those two TVs then see the differences of those two TVs. I’m quite sure that you need to read this review before you purchase Samsung UN65KS8500 or Samsung UN65KS8000.

Samsung UN65KS8500 (UN65KS8500FXZA) Introduction

Samsung UN65KS8500
Samsung UN65KS8500

Samsung UN65KS8500 is positioned as the standard curved SUHD TV model below Samsung UN65KS9500. As part of Samsung SUHD TV, Samsung UN65KS8500 comes with quantum dot color display that bring more accurate color details so that you can enjoy lifelike picture quality on the TV screen. Samsung UN65KS8500 also comes with the new HDR 1000 technology. With HDR 1000, you can enjoy dynamic brightness range on the TV screen. So that you can find the small details on the dark shadow of the screen. Samsung UN65KS8500 also comes with peak illuminator pro and precision black technology that comes from previous year lineup. Peak illuminator pro and precision black combination is able to deliver more vibrant color contrast on the TV screen. Samsung UN65KS8500 use the new 2016 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. Beside delivering premium entertainment to your home screen, the 2016 Samsung Smart TV that based on Tizen is able to run Tizen based Smart Apps on the TV screen. You can also control the TV easier and faster with Smart Remote that comes with Samsung UN65KS8500.

Samsung UN65KS8500 becomes one of the bestselling 65-Inch 4K UHD TV this year. Most of the customers purchased it are satisfied with their choice. They said that this TV can deliver super bright and colorful picture. The TV setup is also quick and easy as mentioned by the customers on their comments. Smart features works well with snappy menu performance, while the Smart remote is simplistic but powerful and few customers needs little time to get used to. Sound is actually good enough for most customers, but few of them are still not satisfied with the internal sound and use soundbar to get improved sound quality. If you need to know more about Samsung UN65KS8500, you can consider to find out more what the customers said about their Samsung UN65KS8500 on their reviews that you can find here…

Samsung UN65KS8000 (UN65KS8000FXZA) Introduction

Samsung UN65KS8000
Samsung UN65KS8000

Samsung UN65KS8000 is currently the most affordable choice for 65-Inch Smart SUHD TV. Samsung UN65KS8000 comes with flat panel design. As part of Samsung’s 2016 Smart TV, Samsung UN65KS8000 comes with 2016 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. With 2016 Samsung Smart TV, you are not only able to enjoy premium entertainment on your TV screen, but you can also run your favorite smart apps on your TV screen as long as It’s Tizen based Smart Apps as the 2016 Samsung Smart TV is like its previous 2015 version use Tizen as its OS. Controlling the TV and its Smart TV platform also can be done easily with Smart Remote that comes with Samsung UN65KS8000. Samsung UN65KS8000 also use quantum dot color on its display as It’s a member of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV. You can enjoy true-to-life color details with quantum dot display, while HDR 1000 and peak illuminator pro-precision black combination bring vibrant color contrast with dynamic contrast brightness on Samsung UN65KS8000 screen.

Most of the customers are pleased with their Samsung UN65KS8000. They said that this TV can deliver great picture with good contrast and black levels. Few of the customers also shared their best picture setting for this TV. Setup is easy based on the customers’ experience. The customers also mentioned that smart hub and the remote is able to be integrated with the third party hardware while the apps can run with snappy response time. Most of the customers agree that this TV can deliver good sound quality, only few of them are not satisfied with the TV’s sound and use additional soundbar for this TV model. Are you looking for more feedback from the customers? You can find out more Samsung UN65KS8000 customers’ comments on this page…

Specs Table of Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000

As we want to know the differences of Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000, We need to know the specs of those two TVs first. You can see the key specs of those two TVs on the table below.

Samsung UN65KS8500 Samsung UN65KS8000
Introduced March 2016 March 2016
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Curved Flat
Backlight LED LED
Quantum Dot Color YES YES
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
Depth Enhancing Auto Depth Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 Motion Rate 240
Smart TV Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 2.1Ch 40W Down Firing 2.1Ch 40W Down Firing
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price +/- $300 More

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+/- $300 Less

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Any Differences?

From the table above, We can see there are differences of Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000. Let’s talk about those differences in details.

1. Panel Design

The main difference of Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000 come from their panel design. Samsung UN65KS8500 comes with curved panel design, while Samsung UN65KS8000 comes with flat panel design. With curved panel design, Samsung UN65KS8500 is able to deliver panoramic watching experience, while Samsung UN65KS8000 is only can bring conventional flat panel watching experience to your home.

2. Depth Enhancing Technology

The depth enhancing technology that installed on Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000 are difference. They are simply related to the panel design that they bring. Samsung UN65KS8500 that comes with curved panel design use auto depth enhancer as its depth enhancing technology, while Samsung UN65KS8000 that comes with flat panel design use contrast enhancer as its depth enhancing technology.

3. Price

There’s a price difference between Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000. As the higher model (at least if We take a look at their model number) We can easily notice that Samsung UN65KS8500 is priced at higher price than Samsung UN65KS8000. How much is the price difference? Commonly Samsung UN65KS8500 is priced at around $300 higher than Samsung UN65KS8000. When We talk about the percentage, We can find that Samsung UN65KS8500 is around 17% higher in price than Samsung UN65KS8000.

Which One Should You Choose?

We have talked about Samsung UN65KS8500 and UN65KS8000 in the introduction section. We have also discussed the differences of those two TVs. The next question is which of those two TV models is the one that you should choose. The choice between those two TVs is the choice between curved and flat panel screen TV. If you want to experience the new panoramic watching experience, then you should go ahead with Samsung UN65KS8500. You have to spend additional $300 for curved panel screen. It’s around 17% higher than flat panel model Samsung UN65KS8000. It’s still an acceptable price difference for most customers. Where you can order Samsung UN65KS8500? You can order Samsung UN65KS8500 here…

But if you think that flat panel design TV is the one that you want, as there are a lot of people still love flat panel than curved one, then you should choose Samsung UN65KS8000 as your choice. Additionally you also can save around $300 in your budget for your next 65-Inch Smart SUHD TV. Where’s the recommended place to order one? You should order Samsung UN65KS8000 here…

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