Samsung UN65KS9000 vs UN65JS9000 : Which 65-Inch 4K LED TV Model to Choose?

Maybe UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 are two models from Samsung that you consider when you are looking for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV for your home. They indeed come from different lineup year, UN65KS9000 from Samsung’s 2016 lineup while Samsung UN65JS9000 was introduced in 2015 lineup. We can easily notice them as the newer-older model although It’s not perfectly successor-predecessor since They come with different panel design. Which of them is the model to choose? This article will try to help you answer that question.

Samsung UN65KS9000 : Samsung’s 2016 Top Model for 65-Inch Flat 4K UHD TV

Samsung UN65KS9000
Samsung UN65KS9000

Samsung UN65KS9000 is introduced as part of Samsung KS9000 model. KS9000 model is the top model for Samsung’s 2016 Flat Panel SUHD TV that also means It’s the top model for 2016 Flat panel LED TV. Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with quantum dot color as its color technology as It comes as part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV series. Quantum dot color is able to bring true-to-life color details on the LED screen. Samsung UN65KS9000 is also completed with peak illuminator pro that bring greater details on the bright part of the screen and precision black that bring deeper black level on the dark part of the screen. The combination between those two technology deliver more vibrant contrast on the TV screen. HDR 1000 is the new HDR technology that installed on Samsung UN65KS9000. With HDR 1000, you can experience better High Dynamic Range (HDR) content details and dynamic brightness on the TV screen. The Smart TV platform that you can find on Samsung UN65KS9000 is 2016 Samsung Smart TV. It’s still based on Tizen OS like 2015 Samsung Smart TV. Tizen OS is able to run various Tizen Apps while doing its main job to deliver premium contents for the viewers. Smart Remote is also included with Samsung UN65KS9000 to make controlling works easier.

The customers who bought Samsung UN65KS9000 mostly have good experience with their new Samsung UN65KS9000. They said that the TV is able to deliver great picture quality with good upscaling result and deep black level. Setup of this TV is easy and quick based on the customers’ experience. They also said that Smart functionality works very well and convenient, while the smart remote is also easy to use. The sound from the speaker system is quite good although few customers use their external speaker system for more immersive sound experience. Do you want to know more about Samsung UN65KS9000? You can find out more about what Samsung UN65KS9000 customers’ said here…

Samsung UN65JS9000 : Samsung’s 2015 Second Tier 65-Inch Curved 4K UHD TV

Samsung UN65JS9000
Samsung UN65JS9000

Samsung UN65JS9000 comes as part of JS9000 model. Samsung JS9000 is the model that comes as the second tier curved 4K UHD TV below Samsung JS9500. With its curved screen, you can enjoy panoramic watching experience on this TV screen. Samsung UN65JS9000 is part of Samsung’s 2015 SUHD TV Series so It comes with Nano Crystal Color as its color technology. Nano Crystal Color is able to deliver accurate color details on the TV screen. As the dimming technology, Samsung UN65JS9000 comes with UHD Dimming that combined with UHD Upscaling technology. UHD Dimming bring brilliant picture quality from both original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality with UHD Upscaling. Peak Illuminator Pro and precision black is also installed on Samsung UN65JS9000 to deliver vibrant contrast on its TV screen. If you love to watch 3D entertainment, you can find Active 3D feature on Samsung UN65JS9000. The Smart TV Platform of Samsung UN65JS9000 is the 2015 Samsung Smart TV that powered by Tizen OS. The Smart TV platform is able to bring premium entertainments and have the ability to run Tizen apps on its screen. Octa-core processor that installed on Samsung UN65JS9000 help the TV to run your heavier apps and multi-tasking process faster with no processing lag.

Samsung UN65JS9000 and JS9000 model in general received excellent customers’ ratings that means most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase. Mostly, the customers said that the TV can deliver amazing picture quality with excellent upscaling from HD contents. A lot of customers enjoy the new Smart TV platform that’s using the first version of Tizen, while there are also few customers that have a little complain with the first version of Tizen based Smart TV Platform. Such as with the lack of apps that They want as well as their friendliness to the new platform. The setup is easy for most customers. While the sound is quite good but few other customers are not satisfied with the sound quality and recommend to attach external speaker system or soundbar. You can read more about what the Samsung UN65JS9000 customers said on this page…

Table of Specs

I’m sure that you are interested to know more about the specs of Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 before We talk about comparison between those two TVs. Let’s take a look at the specs of those two TVs using the comparison table format below.

Samsung UN65KS9000 Samsung UN65JS9000
Introduced March 2016 February 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Panel Design Flat Curved
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
UHD Upscaling YES YES
Peak Illuminator Pro YES YES
Precision Black YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 Motion Rate 240
Smart TV Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
3D Feature NO YES
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 4.1Ch 60W 4.2Ch 60W
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price Price Varies

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Price Varies

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Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 Comparison Details

We have looked at the specs of Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 and find similarities and few differences between them. Now We can talk more about the comparison between those two TVs in details.

Panel Design and Backlight

Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 come with the same LED Backlight. Although We have OLED as the new options for display technology, but LED is still the popular one since It’s more affordable in price than OLED panel. Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 come with different panel design. Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with flat panel design, while Samsung UN65JS9000 comes with curved panel design. With curved panel design, you can enjoy panoramic watching experience while flat panel design only can deliver conventional flat panel watching experience. But We also have to note that a lot of customers still prefer flat panel than curved panel.

UHD Dimming with UHD Upscaling

As their main dimming technology, Samsung UN6KS9000 and UN65JS9000 come with UHD Dimming. UHD Dimming deliver accurate details from original 4K content sources. It also can deliver brilliant picture from HD sources with the help of UHD Upscaling that upscale non 4K content into near 4K picture quality.

Peak Illumintor Pro and Precision Black

Both of Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 come with peak illuminator pro and precision black technology. Peak Illuminator Pro is able to deliver greater details on the bright part of the screen, while precision black deliver deep black level on the dark part of the screen. Combination of peak illuminator pro and precision black technology is able to deliver more vibrant contrast on the TV screen.

Refresh Rate Technology

Samsung still measure its LED refresh rate quality with Motion Rate term. Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 are both installed with Motion Rate 240. Motion Rate 240 is still the highest Motion Rate used by Samsung besides the new Supreme MR 240 that introduced this year. Motion Rate 240 is able to deliver smooth fast motion images when you use the TV to watch your favorite action movies and sports. It also can deliver your favorite action gaming scenes without any motion lag when you use the TV as your gaming monitor.

Smart TV Platform and Remote Control

The smart TV platform that used by Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 is the same Tizen based OS. Although the version is different. Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with 2016 Samsung Smart TV, while Samsung UN65JS9000 comes with 2015 Samsung Smart TV. 2016 Samsung Smart TV comes with improvements so that It become more stable and user friendly. The remote control that used by those two TVs is also similar smart remote, but the new Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with the newer version (TM1680A) then the older Samsung UN65JS9000 that used the older version (TM1560B).

3D Feature

Do you enjoy to watch 3D entertainment? Samsung UN65JS9000 is completed with Active 3D feature, while Samsung UN65KS9000 doesn’t come with any 3D feature. With Active 3D, you can enjoy both 3D or 2D entertainment with Samsung UN65JS9000. But you don’t have to worry about Samsung UN65KS9000 as with the latest technology development, you can enjoy 3D alike picture quality on it.

Speaker System

The speaker system that installed on Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 are almost similar. Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with 4.1Ch 60W speaker system, while Samsung UN65JS9000 is attached with 4.2Ch 60W speaker system. There’s no significant difference between 4.1Ch 60W speaker system and 4.2Ch 60W speaker system, although you maybe sometime feel that 4.2Ch can deliver richer sound details than 4.1Ch speaker system.


There’s no fixed price of Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000. They are offered at different price by various retailers. Samsung UN65KS9000 is introduced at the lower price than Samsung UN65JS9000, while now you can also find that Samsung UN65JS9000 is offered at the less expensive price than Samsung UN65KS9000.

Which 65-Inch 4K LED TV Model to Choose?

Previously, We have talked about Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65JS9000 as well as talk more about their comparison. We can see that Samsung UN65KS9000 is the new model that comes with improved color technology, HDR 1000 as well as newer Smart TV platform. But It’s not completed with 3D feature and use flat panel TV design. So if you are looking for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you want the latest picture technology and Smart TV platform on it, then you should go ahead with Samsung UN65KS9000. Where should you order one? We recommend you to order Samsung UN65KS9000 here…

Samsung UN65JS9000, in the other hand, is a good choice for you that want curved panel TV with 3D feature. It’s indeed completed with older Smart TV platform and use older color technology without HDR 1000 technology, but overall you can still experience good picture quality as well as enjoy smart entertainment without any problems that proved by the customers who already purchased it. Any recommended place to order Samsung UN65JS9000? You can consider to check today’s price of Samsung UN65JS9000 here…

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