Samsung UN65KS9500 vs UN65JS9500 : Differences between New and Old Model

Samsung introduced Samsung UN65KS9500 as the successor of Samsung UN65JS9500 for 2015 lineup. As the top model for Samsung’s 2016 lineup, Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with the latest technology in 4K UHD TV. Samsung UN65KS9500 is the top model for Samsung’s 2015 SUHD TV. What’s the differences between Samsung UN65KS9500 as the 2016 top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and Samsung UN65JS9500 as the top model for Samsung’s 2015 4K UHD TV? Let’s talk about it together in this article.

Samsung UN65KS9500 (UN65KS9500FXZA) Review

Samsung UN65KS9500
Samsung UN65KS9500

As the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, Samsung UN65KS9500 is completed with quantum display, HDR 1000 and Supreme UHD Dimming as the new technology introduced in 2016. With quantum dot colors, you can enjoy more accurate color details by unlock more color combinations on the TV screen. HDR 1000 is the new technology that can bring dynamic brightness on the TV screen so you can see the small details even on the shadows part of the screen. There’s also an improvement on the dimming technology with Supreme UHD Dimming from the previous UHD Dimming technology. Samsung UN65KS9500 use the new 2016 Samsung Smart TV. While the different on the Smart TV platform is not that significant, but for sure there are more smart functions that you can get on 2016 Samsung Smart TV. It’s also completed with Smart remote that help you to control the TV easier with gesture control and voice interaction.

Most of the customers said that this TV can deliver great picture quality on their reviews. Additionally They also said that It can bring deep blacks and vibrant colors. The TV setup is also quick while the Tizen OS and Smart Hub is also snappy. This TV model comes with minimalist but smarter remote control that takes a little time to get used to. The sound quality is also decent as mentioned by the customer on their comment. You can consider to read more about Samsung UN65KS9500 customers’ reviews on this page…

Samsung UN65JS9500 (UN65JS9500FXZA) Review

Samsung UN65JS9500
Samsung UN65JS9500

Samsung UN65JS9500 was introduced in 2015 as part of Samsung JS9500 model. It comes as the smallest screen size variant of JS9500 model. Samsung UN65JS9500 also comes as part of the first series of Samsung SUHD TV from 2015 lineup. It comes with Nano Crystal Color that can deliver more accurate color details on the TV screen. Samsung UN65JS9500 also comes with Peak illuminator ultimate that introduced by Samsung in their 2015 lineup. With combination of peak illuminator ultimate and precision black pro, you can enjoy more vibrant color contrast on Samsung UN65JS9500 screen. Samsung UN65JS9500 is completed with 2015 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. It’s the first version of Samsung Smart TV that used Tizen as its OS. Samsung UN65JS9500 also comes with additional Active 3D feature and built-in camera as well. With Active 3D, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment with both 3D or 2D format. To control the TV easier, this TV model is also completed with Smart remote that help you to control the TV using voice interaction and few additional smart control functions.

How’s this TV model in the eyes of its customers? Most of the customers have positive experience with this TV that They bought. They said that this TV is able to deliver excellent picture quality, although few of them said that this TV is a little pricey. This TV is able to deliver rich colors with deep black based on some customers said. They also said that the Tizen based OS is stable and easy to use, while the remote is also easy to use. Interested to read more about customers’ comments? You can find their Samsung UN65JS9500 customers’ reviews here…

Samsung UN65KS9500 vs UN65JS9500 Specs Table

Before We move forward and talk about the differences of Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65JS9500, It’s a good idea to take time and see their specs together using the table below.

Samsung UN65KS9500 Samsung UN65JS9500
Introduced March 2016 February 2015
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Curved Curved
Backlight LED LED
Color Technology Quantum Dot Color Nano Crystal Color & PurColor
Picture Technology HDR 1000, Peak Illuminator Pro, Precision Black Peak Illuminator Ultimate, Precision Black Pro
Dimming Technology Supreme UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
Refresh Rate Supreme MR 240 Motion Rate 240
Smart TV Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
Processor Quad-Core Octa-Core
3D Feature NO Active 3D
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Built-in Camera NO YES
Speaker System 4.1Ch 60W Downfiring 4.2Ch 60W FrontFiring
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price +/- $800 Lower

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+/- $800 Higher

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Differences Between Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65JS9500

On the table above, We can spot some differences between Samsung UN65KS9500 and UN65JS9500. Do you want to know more about those differences? Here We talk more about those differences.

1. Picture Technology

The first difference of Samsung UN65KS9500 and the older UN65JS9500 is their picture technology. Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with the new development in technology with quantum dot colors, HDR 1000 and Supreme UHD Dimming. The new Samsung UN65KS9500 is also completed with Peak Illuminator pro and precision black. It’s different with the older Samsung UN65JS9500 that use Nano Crystal Color, Peak illuminator ultimate and precision black pro as well as UHD Dimming. Although We can’t say that the new technology is greatly different, but the new technology is generally better when It comes to deliver color and contrast details with HDR 1000 and Supreme UHD Dimming that combined with quantum dot colors.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Samsung introduce the new Supreme MR 240 as the new refresh rate technology on Samsung UN65KS9500. The older Samsung UN65JS9500 comes with Motion Rate 240. Supreme MR 240 is designed to deliver optimized refresh rate on the new Samsung Quantum Dot Display with HDR 1000 technology. So you can expect better motion images on Samsung UN65KS9500 than on the older Samsung UN65JS9500.

3. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN65KS9500 as part of Samsung’s 2016 TV lineup is completed with 2016 Samsung Smart TV as its Smart TV platform. While Samsung UN65JS9500 as part of 2015 TV lineup use 2015 Samsung Smart TV. Although the difference is not significant, but the new 2016 brings improvement on the Smart functionality so the customers will be more satisfied.

4. Processor

The older Samsung UN65JS9500 comes with Octa-Core processor, while the new Samsung UN65KS9500 is only completed with quad-core processor. Although there’s a difference on the processing, but It’s not that significant. You won’t notice big difference when you are running your apps on Samsung UN65KS9500 with quad-core processor and the older Samsung UN65JS9500 with octa-core processor.

5. Built-in Camera

Samsung UN65JS9500 is completed with built-in camera. While the new Samsung UN65KS9500 as the new model is not completed with any built-in camera. So you need to attach additional accessory camera when you want to use the skype call and Motion control on Samsung UN65KS9500.

6. Speaker System

There’s a difference on the speaker system that installed on Samsung UN65KS9500 and the one that installed on Samsung UN65JS9500. Samsung UN65KS9500 use 4.1Ch 60W downfiring while Samsung UN65JS9500 use 4.2Ch 60W frontfiring speaker system. While the difference is not that significant, but 4.2Ch 60W frontfiring is a little better on delivering more powerful immersive sound quality than 4.1Ch 60W downfiring speaker system.

7. Price

Samsung UN65KS9500 is basically priced at more affordable price than the older Samsung UN65JS9500. Looks like Samsung is trying to make its top model TV become more affordable for more people. How much is the price difference? It’s around $800 or if We talk about percentage, We can find that Samsung UN65KS9500 is around 18% lower than Samsung UN65JS9500.

Should You Choose the New Model?

We have talked quite a lot about Samsung UN65KS9500 as the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD in 2016 and Samsung UN65JS9500 as the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from 2015 lineup. Samsung UN65KS9500 comes with better picture quality with the latest quantum dot display, HDR 1000 and Supreme UHD Dimming. It also comes with the newer 2016 Samsung Smart TV and priced at the lower price. The only downside of the new model is the less specs on processor and no built-in camera. But for sure you have to consider that when you already know that It’s priced at the lower price than Samsung UN65JS9500. Where should you order Samsung UN65KS9500?We recommend you to order Samsung UN65KS9500 here…

In the other hand, if you still want a TV with faster multi-tasking processing time with octa-core processor, as well as completed with built-in camera then I’m quite sure that you should consider Samsung UN65JS9500. Additionally It can also deliver excellent picture quality and deliver premium entertainment without any problem that can be seen from what the customers’ said on their reviews. It’s indeed priced at the higher price, but It should go down soon with the release of the new Samsung UN65KS9500. You can check today’s price for Samsung UN65JS9500 here… 


  1. I bought un65js9500 model and I think it suits me better because I can watch 3d movies also when desire, $800 or so different hamm if you pay that much for ur home theatre I don’t think it’s a big deal plus the price is cheaper due to un65ks9500 being release for 2016 model ,I am taking un65js9500 over un65ks9500 anytime ???

  2. Narin, while the JS9500 is an excellent TV there are pros and cons. For you, if the 3D is a big feature then it’s one of the best TV’s hands down except when battling against OLED technology.

    For me, 3D isn’t a big deal. If you look at the contrast and colour depth of the KS9500 and KS9000 then you would understand why 3D isn’t such a big deal. It’s almost 3D without having to put on glasses, and that’s what Samsung and leading manufacturers are trying to achieve.

    I mean, just watching an upscaled 1080p sports channel on a JU7500 looked amazing and had a 3D-like perception. That’s not even HDR let alone natively displaying in 4K resolution. Combine that with 4K and HDR with almost double the native contrast of the JU7500. The result, a colour popping glowing motion with life-like depth.

    That’s why for me I’ll be keeping a close eye on the KS7000. If Surpreme UHD doesn’t prove a worthy upgrade option for the money then why pay for a higher series? I’m 2.7m away from the wall so I’ll be looking at a 65″ minimum for my room, otherwise 4K content is almost a waste if it was any smaller.

    I’m not stating 3D is dead, but it’s not going to last based on new technologies such as HDR and OLED. By 2020 I don’t think 3D will be a feature on any TV.

  3. I think it is great that the are looking to improve the picture quality but I am hearing that the new model, will come with a different operating system that the 2015 will not support. I think you mention a bit of it on the article but not really clear.

    I have the 2015 model and I am really hoping that my version will support all the software upgrade that the 2016 supports–even if it is for the fluidity as I am learning. I find the 2015 model very lacking and very unsecure from a software standpoint and hope that Samsung plans on upgrading it even if it doesn’t come with the complete bells and whistle that comes with the 2016 model.

    What do you think?


  4. I use a tv for tv purposes, not computer, so I got the js9500. I use my TV’s as my computer monitor anyway, even though starting with my Samsung S5, I started using the computer less and less, with the S7 doing pretty much everything that I need except processing photographs (which I do on the KS9500 anyway).

    I use the 3D a lot and even though people say it almost requires no 3D with the regular depth being very good, nothing beats a good 3D TV and this one is beyond excellent. Plus I use my computer to play movies usually with Media Player Classic, and I actually can convert any movie, including shows, to 3D, so I almost exclusively watch everything that I watch on this TV in 3D.

    Plus I have 2 PS4’s and an Xbox One that is always attached (I sometimes switch the older PS4 with an xbox 360), and the KS9500 which my friend has gets performance nowhere close to my JS9500 even though his is really good as well. No lag, no delay, no motion blur or choppiness.

    Best TV purchase I have ever made in 30+ years hands down and even if I get newer TV”s in the future, this one is a keeper until it works no more.

    I also have a 58″ Vizio extra wide smart.TV with a 1920×1040 resolution from 2013, and that TV also is not going anywhere anytime soon 😉 I was lucky to have gotten it for $599 from Woot (refurbished one and before Amazon took over and started selling their overstock items for higher prices than the original Woot) when they were in the $3,500 range.

    I also still have my 8 year old movie theater rear projection 75″ Mitsubishi TV, and if they hadn’t become too expensive to produce and thus discontinued, I may have stuck with one of those since nothing beats the colors on that, especially black since even though all new TV’s use black as a color irrelevant of how many billion pixels they have, the Mitsubishi’s black was produced by the absence of light, meaning it was the real black, as black as it can ever be. There was no shine no glare, and it barely weighed 60 pounds as well. It was a hell of a TV (in the bedroom now) and it was peobably the first Smart TV before Smart TV’s were out. For an 8 year old TV, it even has bluetooth and like 4 HDMI ports.

    The Samsung one though is the best one hands down.

    If they ever go down in price to around 2k, I may consider an 80″+ in the next 5-10 years, or never, but it’s just not worth it in my opinion to spend that much money on a TV even if you have millions; I rather stick with 2k and do something else with the rest, or donate it to a pet shelter. i will eventually get a projector when 4k ones come out and use it outside (refurbished in the $500-600 range). I live in the middle of nowhere in Maine with like 3 neighbours in a mile stretch, and I have nothing but space, with one side of my house being completely bare. That would produce a hell of a giant screen 😉

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