Sony KDL50W800C vs KDL50W800B : Any Improvements?

As 4K UHD TV become more popular, There’re more limited number Full HD TV in 2015 TV lineup. One of them is Sony KDL50W800C from Sony. Sony KDL50W800C is currently the only choice from Sony’s 2015 TV lineup for 50-Inch Smart Full HD TV. It’s coming as newer model of Sony KDL50W800B from Sony’s 2014 TV lineup. Sony KDL50W800B is also one of the bestselling 50-Inch Smart TV from 2014 TV lineup. If you are interested in buying Sony KDL50W800C, I’m quite sure that you are questioning about the improvements from the older Sony KDL50W800B. Let’s talk about it together.

Sony KDL50W800C vs KDL50W800B : Table of Comparison

Sony KDL50W800C Sony KDL50W800B
Introduced January 2015 March 2014
Screen Size 50-inch 50-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Refresh Rate 120Hz Native 120Hz Native
Refresh Rate Technology Motionflow XR 960 Motionflow XR 480
Smart TV Platform Android TV Sony Entertainment Network
3D Feature Active 3D Active 3D
Remote Control Touchpad Remote Standard Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/2 4/2
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

What’s Similar?

Sony KDL50W800C
Sony KDL50W800C


Sony KDL50W800C is one of only few new choices available in 2015 lineup for 50-Inch Smart Full HD TV. Most of the TV manufacturers tends to go with 4K UHD resolution on their new lineup. Sony KDL50W800C as the newer version of KDL50W800B use Full HD resolution. Actually Full HD resolution is still a good choice to consider as It’s indeed is able to deliver excellent picture quality in 50-Inch screen although It’s not as good as 4K UHD resolution. But one thing that you should remember, there’s limited contents available in original 4K resolution. That’s way go ahead with Full HD TV like Sony KDL50W800C and Sony KDL50W800B are still good choice that you can consider.

Picture Quality

Sony KDL50W800C and Sony KDL50W800B are powered with the same picture engine technology, X-Reality Pro. With X-Reality Pro, you can get sharp image details in 50-Inch screen. They are also using the same backlight technology, Edge-Lit. Edge-lit technology enhance the brightness and contrast of your TV screen.

3D Technology

If you are a fan of 3D entertainment and you have more limited budget, then Sony KDL50W800C is one of the most affordable 50-Inch 3D TV available in the market. As the new model of Sony KDL50W800B, Sony KDL50W800C is installed with the same Active 3D on its screen.

What’s Differences?

Sony KDL50W800B
Sony KDL50W800B

Refresh Rate Technology

When you are watching fast action movies and sports on your TV screen, one of the most essential things that you should consider is refresh rate technology. Sony KDL50W800C comes with better refresh rate technology, Motionflow XR 960. While Sony KDL50W800B as the older model use Motionflow XR 480. With twice higher refresh rate technology, Sony KDL50W800C is able to deliver fast action movies and sports in 50-Inch screen with less motion blur.

Smart TV Platform

Sony KDL50W800C is part of 2015 Sony Smart TV that use the new Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform. With Sony Android TV, you can enjoy more smart functions with more smart apps that’s able to be run on it. Thanks to the access to Android PlayStore that provides wide range of Smart Apps so you have more option of smart functions that can be run on your Sony Smart TV. Sony KDL50W800B as the older model is using the older Sony Entertainment Network that comes with more limited Smart features although It’s able to run basic Smart functions and deliver streaming contents to your home.

Remote Control

As the newer model, Sony KDL50W800C comes with better remote control, touchpad remote control. With touchpad remote control, you have more options to control your TV using smart commands available on the remote. While Sony KDL50W800B as the older model use more standard remote control that only able to control your TV using more limited commands.

Which One you should Choose?

Sony KDL50W800C as the new model for 50-Inch Smart Full HD TV comes with few improvements compared its older Sony KDL50W800B. It’s coming with better refresh rate technology with higher Motionflow XR 960, more powerful Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform and better control with touchpad remote control. Sony KDL50W800C is the choice for you that looking for less motion blur, more flexible smart functions that able to be run on your screen as well as more smart commands with touchpad remote control. Read More on what customers said about Sony KDL50W800C…

Sony KDL50W800B as the older model is indeed coming with lower refresh rate technology, more conventional Smart TV platform with Sony Entertainment Network and standard remote control. But It’s able to deliver excellent picture quality and run Smart entertainment without any significant problems that proved by excellent customer feedbacks It gets from the time It was released on the first quarter of 2014. Additionally It’s priced at the lower price that’s perfect if you have budget constraint or your 50-Inch Smart TV. Read More on what customers said about Sony KDL50W800B…

Where to Order?

Order Sony KDL50W800C Here


Order Sony KDL50W800B Here

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