Sony XBR55X850C vs XBR55X850B : What’s the Improvement on XBR55X850C?

Are you interested on buying new model 55-Inch Smart TV with 4K UHD resolution? Sony XBR55X850C is one of the model that you should consider. Sony XBR55X850C is introduced as part of X850C model that coming as the newer model of Sony XBR55X850B. Sony XBR55X850B is one of the most popular 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from 2015. It’s getting excellent feedback for its perfect 4K UHD picture quality. Sony XBR55X850C as the new model is set to replace the older model in 2015 lineup. Any improvements on the new model? Should you buy the new model? Let’s talk about that together on this short review.

Sony XBR55X850C Introduction

Sony XBR55X850C
Sony XBR55X850C

Sony is one of the company that produce best TV on the market. In 2015 They are releasing the new X850C model as one of their model for Smart 4K UHD TV. Sony X850C is basically a replacement model of the older X850B from 2014 TV lineup. Sony X850C come with 3 screen size, 55-Inch, 65-Inch and 75-Inch. The 55-Inch model is called Sony XBR55X850C. As the replacement model of XBR55X850B, Sony XBR55X850C have few similar aspect from previous XBR55X850B, such as picture quality technology that use 4K X-Reality Pro and Triluminos display.

As the newer model, Sony XBR55X850C is equipped with few new improvements such as new Smart TV platform, higher refresh rate technology. The new Smart TV platform that used by Sony is called Sony Android TV as it’s based on the Android as its Smart TV platform. Sony Android TV is able to run more smart apps as well as completed with new smart functions such as Google Cast and Android based voice search. The new Touchpad remote control of Sony XBR55X850C is not completed with built-in microphone to support the Android voice search functions. Read Sony XBR55X850C Customers’ Reviews…

Sony XBR55X850B Introduction

Sony XBR55X850B
Sony XBR55X850B

One of the bestselling 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from 2014 TV lineup is Sony XBR55X850B. It’s positioned in the middle level of Sony’s 2014 4K UHD TV lineup between Sony XBR55X800B and Sony XBR55X900B. Sony XBR55X850B is highly appreciated with its outstanding 4K picture quality as well as its excellent upscaling functions. With 4K X-Reality Pro, Sony XBR55X850B is able to deliver excellent picture quality. This technology is continuously used on the new Sony XBR55X850B. The 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine is also able to bring near 4K picture quality from your Full HD contents.

Sony XBR55X850B is completed with older Sony Entertainment Network as its Smart TV platform. Sony Entertainment Network is older Smart TV platform used by most of Sony’s 2014 Smart TV lineup. Although We should say that Sony Entertainment Network is not an advanced Smart TV platform but It brings PlayStation Now that allow you to enjoy PS3 Gaming easier, faster and better on near 4K picture quality. Read Sony XBR55X850B Customers’ Reviews…

Sony XBR55X850C vs XBR55X850B: Key Comparison

Sony XBR55X850C Sony XBR55X850B
Introduced January 2015 March 2014
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight Edge-Lit Edge-Lit
Triluminos Display YES YES
Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz
Refresh Rate Technology Motionflow XR 960 Motionflow XR 240
Smart TV Platform Sony Android TV Sony Entertainment Network
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Touchpad Remote Touchpad Remote
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price Check Best Price Check Best Price

Sony XBR55X850C vs XBR55X850B: Any Improvement on New Model?

If you do a general comparison between Sony XBR55X850C and Sony XBR55X850B, They are generally the same. 55-Inch Smart TV with 4K UHD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, completed with 3D features and use touchpad remote control. But if you looking on each components then you can find some differences. Sony XBR55X850C and Sony XBR55X850B are indeed both 120Hz in refresh rate, but They are using different effective refresh rate technology. Sony XBR55X850C comes with Motionflow XR 960, while Sony XBR55X850B comes with Motionflow XR 240. With higher Motionflow technology, Sony XBR55X850C is able to bring smoother fast motion images on your screen especially when you are dealing with fast action movies, sports and games. On the Smart TV aspect, We previously talk about the use of Sony Android TV as the new Smart TV platform installed on Sony XBR55X850C, while the older Sony XBR55X850B use Sony Entertainment Network. Sony Android TV allow you to do more with your Smart TV as it’s directly linked with PlayStore that provider huge collections of Smart Apps. In the 3D aspect, there’s also a change from Passive 3D that used by Sony XBR55X850B into Active 3D that used by Sony XBR55X850C. There’s no better 3D between Passive and Active 3D. Active 3D just need closer sitting distance to allow you enjoy 3D optimally but need heavier 3D glasses, while Passive 3D need more distance to enjoy 3D optimally but just require lighter 3D glasses. The new touchpad of Sony XBR55X850C is also designed to allow you to do voice search with Android TV, so It’s simply a better touchpad remote than the older touchpad remote of Sony XBR55X850B.

When looking at the price aspect, there’s a price difference of around $100 on the new Sony XBR55X850C. Sony is selling their new 55-Inch X850 model at higher price as It’s released with more powerful Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform and higher refresh rate technology that bring smoother fast motion images. So additional $100 on the new model is generally still acceptable.

Do You Need to Choose the New Model?

Sony XBR55X850C as the newer model is basically coming with improvements on two main aspects, Smart TV and refresh rate technology. On the Smart TV, Sony XBR55X850C is able to bring more powerful Smart TV platform with more variety of smart functions with Android Platform. While Motionflow XR 960 is an improvement of the older Motionflow XR 240 that bring less motion blur on 4K UHD screen. Additionally the new Touchpad remote control is designed to be able to do voice search with Android platform. So when you are looking for better Smart Entertainment and better experience when you are watching fast motion entertainment, then Sony XBR55X850C is the model that you should choose. Order Sony XBR55X850C Here

Sony XBR55X850B as the older model is using the older Sony Entertainment Network as its Smart TV platform and use lower Motionflow XR 240 as its refresh rate technology. But It’s also around $100 lower in price. So when you are in more limited budget and think that you are fine with older Smart TV platform as well as using lower refresh rate technology then you can still consider to choose Sony XBR55X850B. You can still enjoy excellent 4K UHD picture quality as well as running Smart Entertainment without any problems that proved with excellent customers’ reviews from the time Sony XBR55X850B was released. Order Sony XBR55X850B Here

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