Sony XBR75Z9D vs XBR75X940D : Any Reason to Consider The XBR75Z9D?

Watching 4K entertainment is best with large screen TV. You may consider 75-Inch screen size TV is perfect to watch 4K entertainment and consider Sony’s 75-Inch 4K UHD TV, XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D, as your choices. We know that  XBR75Z9D is the higher model as well as Sony’s flagship for 75-Inch TV in 2016. The question is why should you consider Sony XBR75Z9D. Let’s talk about those two TV models and discuss about their difference then see whether we can find any reason to consider Sony XBR75Z9D that priced at significantly higher price.

Sony XBR75Z9D Review

Sony XBR75Z9D
Sony XBR75Z9D

Sony XBR75Z9D is introduced at the end of second quarter of 2016 as Sony’s 2016 top 75-Inch 4K UHD TV model. Sony XBR75Z9D comes with Master backlight drive as one of its main features. Master backlight drive is the new technology that introduced on the flagship model of 2016. Master backlight drive is the technology that use complex algorithm to control each LED individually so that It can deliver near perfect black level as well as send the light only where It needed. Sony XBR75Z9D also comes with the highest Motionflow, It’s motionflow XR 1440 so that you can see motion images with smoothly without any motion blur. As the picture engine, 4K X-Reality Pro is still the one used by Sony XBR75Z9D. But It’s additionally completed with X1 Extreme that can deliver near 4K picture quality from your HD contents by remaster that. As the Smart TV platform, Sony Android TV that completed with Active 3D is able to deliver premium contents with both 2D or 3D format. Voice Remote Control is also included to help you control the TV more conveniently using your voice and few additional control functions.

Sony XBR75X940D Review

Sony XBR75X940D
Sony XBR75X940D

Sony XBR75X940D is the model that introduced as the successor of Sony XBR75X940C from Sony’s 2015 TV lineup. Sony XBR75X940D comes with X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro that bring three times brightness range than conventional LED screen for greater brilliance on your favorite content scenes. Triluminos display is attached with Sony XBR75X940D screen and able to deliver more lifelike color details. The picture engine of Sony XBR75X940D is 4K X-Reality Pro. It brings brilliant picture quality from original 4K content sources or non 4K contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. 4K HDR is also installed on Sony XBR75X940D as the HDR technology. With 4K HDR, you can enjoy better details and more dynamic brightness from your High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. The Smart TV platform that used by Sony XBR75X940D is Sony Android TV. Sony Android TV is able to deliver premium entertainment while It allows you to run your favorite apps on the TV’s big screen. Voice Remote control is also included with Sony XBR75X940D to control the TV easier with your voice and few additional smart control functions.

The customers who already own Sony XBR75X940D are mostly satisfied with their purchase. They even recommend this TV set to other prospective buyers. The customers mostly talked about great picture quality delivered by this TV model. This TV is able to deliver deep blacks and gorgeous and natural colors said the customers. There’s also customer that shared their best picture setting for this TV based on his experience. The customers also love the Android based Smart TV that can run additional apps on the TV screen and deliver premium contents without any problems. The sound delivered from the TV speaker is also good as what the customers said. Do you need to know more about the customers’ feedback? You can read more about Sony XBR65X940D customers’ reviews here…

Sony XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D Table of Comparison

As two 75-Inch Smart 4K UHD introduced by Sony, you can find several similarities as well as few differences between Sony XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D. What are their similarities and differences? You can find out the answer on the table below.

Sony XBR75Z9D Sony XBR75X940D
Introduced July 2016 January 2016
Screen Size 75-Inch 75-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
Picture Engine 4K X-Reality Pro 4K X-Reality Pro
Backlight Master Drive YES NO
Slim Backlight Drive YES YES
X-Tended Dynamic Range X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro
Refresh Rate Motionflow XR 1440 Motionflow XR 960
Smart TV Platform Sony Android TV Sony Android TV
Processor X1 X1 Extreme
3D Feature Active 3D Active 3D
Remote Control Voice Remote Control Voice Remote Control
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2.2Ch 30W
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price +/- $5000 Higher

Check Today’s Price

+/- $5000 Lower

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Differences of Sony XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D

We can easily spot the differences of Sony XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D from the table above. I’m quite sure that you are interested to know more about those differences. Let’s discuss more about those differences together.

1. Backlight Master Drive

Sony XBR75Z9D comes with the latest technology from Sony named Backlight Master Drive. Backlight Master Drive is able to deliver perfect black levels and dazzling brightness by two mechanisms: discrete LED control and Calibrated Beam Design. You can’t find this technology on Sony XBR75X940D. So for sure you can experience better brightness and contrast with Sony XBR75Z9D.

2. Processor

The processor that installed on Sony XBR75Z9D is different with the one installed on Sony XBR75X940D. Sony XBR75Z9D comes with X1 Extreme, while Sony XBR75X940D comes with standard X1 Processor. X1 Extreme processor is able to deliver better optimized color, clarity and contrast than standard X1 processor.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

Sony use Motionflow XR to describe the refresh rate quality of their LED TV. The higher Motionflow XR rate the smoother its fast motion images. Sony XBR75Z9D comes with Motionflow XR 1440, while Sony XBR75X940D comes with Motionflow XR 960. With Motionflow XR 1440 you can enjoy smoother fast motion images, especially gaming images than what you can get with Motionflow XR 960.

4. Speaker System

There’s a little different on the speaker system attached on Sony XBR75Z9D and XBR75X940D. Sony XBR75Z9D only comes with 2Ch 20W speaker system, while Sony XBR75X940D comes with 2.2Ch 30W speaker system. With 2.2Ch 30W, you can enjoy richer sound quality with Sony XBR75X940D speaker system than what you can get with 2Ch 20W speaker system of Sony XBR75Z9D.

5. Price

Sony XBR75Z9D is introduced with significant higher price than the price of Sony XBR75X940D. It’s around $5000 higher at the time It’s firstly introduced. When We talk about percentage, We can say that Sony XBR75Z9D is more than 100% higher in price than Sony XBR75X940D. Please note that the price is changed by the retailers each months or even weeks so the price difference is also varied.

Any Reason to Consider The XBR75Z9D?

From our discussion above, We can find that Sony XBR75Z9D comes with the latest technology to bring the best 4K UHD picture in 2016. With Backlight Master Drive, you can enjoy best picture quality in 4K UHD resolution. It also comes with X1 extreme processor that can bring better color, clarity and contrast optimization. Sony XBR75Z9D is also one of the best LED TV that can deliver the smoother fast motion images with its Motionflow XR 1440 technology. For the best picture as well smoothest fast motion images in LED panel, you should prepare almost twice the budget that you should prepare for Sony XBR75X940D as the model below it. So if you simply look for the best picture in 75-Inch screen and don’t have any budget constrain for that, then you can consider Sony XBR75Z9D as your choice. Where’s recommended place to order? You should consider to order Sony XBR75Z9D here…

Sony XBR75X940D is a good alternative choice that you can consider. It indeed still can deliver excellent 4K UHD picture quality with X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro and 4K HDR technology, although It’s still a step below XBR75Z9D. Sony XBR75X940D is also completed with the same Smart TV platform, 3D feature and Voice Remote control that give you more reason to choose this TV. Additionally, you can also find that the price of Sony XBR75X940D is much more affordable than Sony XBR75Z9D. Where you should order Sony XBR75X940D? You can order Sony XBR75X940D here…

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