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TCL 49S325 vs 49S305 : Any Improvement in TCL 49S325?

TCL 49S325 is the model that comes as the successor model of TCL 49S305. As the successor model of TCL 49S325, we can find that there are a lot of similarities between TCL 49S325 and TCL 49S305. Is there..

Samsung UN32N5300 vs UN32M5300 : Is There Any Improvement?

Although 4K UHD TVs become more popular than 1080p Full HD TV nowadays, but for smaller size LED TV 1080p Full HD TV is still the more popular one since we can’t really enjoy the benefit of 4K in..

TCL 49S405 vs 49S305 : What’s the Key Reason to Choose 49S405?

TCL LED TVs become more popular nowadays because of its good picture quality in affordable price. We can find TCL 49S405 and TCL 49S305 as two choices that we can consider for 49-Inch LED TV from TCL’s 2017 TV..

Vizio E70u-D3 vs D70-D3 : Why Should You Choose Vizio E70u-D3?

Are you looking for affordable larger screen LED TV? E70u-D3 and D70-D3 from Vizio are two choices that you may consider. They both come with 70-Inch screen size and priced at quite affordable price that give you reason to choose..

LG OLED55C6P vs 55EG9100 : Which 55-Inch Curved OLED TV Should You Choose?

OLED55C6P and 55EG9100 are two 55-Inch curved OLED TVs that you may consider in 2016. OLED55C6P is part of LG’s 2016 OLED TV lineup, while 55EG9100 is part of the older LG’s 2015 TV lineup. As two 55-Inch curved OLED 4K..

LG 43LF6300 vs 43LF5900 : Which 43-Inch Full HD Smart TV is for You?

When you love LG as your TV brand, I’m quite sure that you are thinking LG 43LF6300 and LG 43LF5900 when you are looking for 43-Inch Smart TV with Full HD resolution. LG 43LF6300 was introduced first on the first quarter..

Samsung UN32J5205 vs UN32H5203 : Any Improvement on the New Model?

Samsung UN32J5205 is introduced as the successor model of Samsung UN32H5203 in 2015. As the successor model, you can find that there’re some similarities between the older UN32H5203 and the new UN32J5205. If you are interested on choosing Samsung..

Samsung UN60J6200 vs UN60H6203 : Should You Choose the New Samsung UN60J6200?

If you have less budget for your 60-Inch Smart TV, then Samsung UN60J6200 as the new model of UN60H6203 is the choice that you should consider. It’s indeed coming with 1080p Full HD resolution, but I’m quite sure that you..

Samsung UN65J6300 vs UN65J6200 : What’s the Reason to Choose UN65J6300?

UN65J6300 and UN65J6200 are the only two models that you can find when you are looking for 65-Inch Smart TV with 1080p Full HD resolution in Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. Samsung UN65J6300 comes as successor of popular Samsung UN65H6350 from..

LG 42LF5800 vs 42LB5800 : Is There Any Differences Between Them?

LG 42LF5800 is the replacement model of LG 42LB5800 in 2015 lineup. It’s positioned as basic Smart TV for 39-45 Inch screen size range in 2015 lineup. While LG 42LB5800 itself is one of the bestselling model for basic..

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