TCL 55R617 vs 55R615 : Is There Any Difference between Those Two TCL 55-Inch 4K LED TVs?

We should mention TCL 55R617 and TCL 55R615 as two options that we should consider if we are looking for 55-Inch 4K UHD TV that support HDR10 and Dolby Vision as well as completed with Full-Array Local Dimming technology. TCL 55R617 and TCL 55R615 are both introduced as part of TCL’s 2018 6-Series. Is there any differences between those two TCL’s 2018 55-Inch 6-Series models? Let’s talk about that in this article, but before that let’s shortly take a look at those two TVs.

TCL 55R617 Short Introduction

TCL 55R617
TCL 55R617

TCL 55R617 is the smaller screen size options available for TCL’s R617. We can find the 65-Inch screen size as another option. TCL 55R617 comes with 4K UHD Resolution that combined with 4K Upscaling technology that allow us to enjoy brilliant picture quality from both of original 4K content or upscaled non 4K contents. TCL 55R617 is completed with NBP Photon Technology that deliver wide color spectrum for rich and accurate color details. TCL 55R617 also comes with 96 Contrast Control Zones that works as Full-Array Local Dimming so that we can enjoy enhanced brightness for better contrast vibrancy. TCL 55R617 is also completed with IPQ Engine and HDR Pro Gamma. IPQ Engine bring accurate color reproduction, while HDR Pro Gamma adapt the screen brightness based on the environment. We can enjoy enhanced details and expanded contrast from HDR10 and Dolby Vision, since TCL 55R617 supports those two HDR content sources. The refresh rate technology of TCL 55R617 is 120Hz CMI. It can bring smooth fast motion images from our favorite action movies and sports, while we can also enjoy fluid gaming scenes when we use the TV as our gaming monitor. The Smart TV Platform of TCL 55R617 is Roku TV that bring premium entertainment from your favorite content providers with fast internet connection from 802.11ac dual band wireless attached to this TV. We can also control the TV more conveniently with RC580 remote control that completed with voice control functions. The speaker system of TCL 55R617 is quite basic with 2Ch 16W speaker system. Although It’s basic speaker system, we can still enjoy good sound quality with Dolby Digital installed on it. if you have higher audio expectation, then I’m sure that you need to attach additional soundbar for this TV. You can check today’s offer of TCL 55R617 on Walmart here…

TCL 55R615 Short Introduction

TCL 55R615
TCL 55R615

We can find TCL 55R615 as one of the screen size option of TCL R615 that introduced as part of TCL’s 2018 6-Series. TCL 55R615 comes with NBP Photon Technology that can deliver wide color gamut. Wide Color Gamut is able to bring rich color details on the TV screen. TCL 55R615 also comes with 4K Upscaling technology so that we can enjoy excellent clarity not only from original 4K content sources but also from upscaled HD contents. TCL 55R615 is also completed with 96 Contrast Control Zones that bring more vibrant contrast on its screen. We can also find IPQ Engine and HDR Pro Gamma in TCL 55R615 that help you to enjoy accurate color reproduction as well as proportional screen brightness according to the environment. TCL 55R615 support HDR10 and Dolby Vision so that we can enjoy enhanced details with expanded contrast from those two HDR content sources. 120HZ CMI is the refresh rate technology of TCL 55R615. Although It’s basic refresh rate technology, but we can still enjoy smooth fast motion images with it, while we can also enjoy fluid gaming experience if we use this TV as our gaming monitor. The Smart TV Platform of TCL 55R615 is Roku TV that allow you to enjoy wide range of premium entertainment from your favorite content providers. With 802.11ac dual band wireless installed on this TV, we can enjoy fast and stable internet connection. TCL 55R615 comes with standard RC280 remote control while It also comes with standard 2Ch 16W speaker system. The 2Ch 16W speaker system is able to deliver good sound quality with Dolby Digital that integrated on it. You can easily attach your favorite soundbar if you are looking for more powerful surround sound for this TV. You can check today’s price of TCL 55R615 on here…


Comparison Table

We need to know the specs and features of TCL 55R617 and TCL 55R615 before we can talk more about their differences. Let’s take a look at their key specs and features in the table below with comparison format.

TCL 55R617 TCL 55R615
Introduced 2018 2018
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Display Technology LED LED
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Upscaling Technology YES YES
Dimming Technology Local Dimming Local Dimming
Contrast Control Zones 96 96
NBP Photon Technology YES YES
HDR Support HDR10+Dolby Vision HDR10+Dolby Vision
Refresh Rate 120Hz CMI 120Hz CMI
Processor Dual-Core Dual-Core
Smart TV Platform Roku TV Roku TV
Remote Control RC580 RC280
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
Speaker System 2Ch 16W 2Ch 16W
USB/HDMI 3/1 3/1
Exclusive Seller NO BestBuy
Price Slightly Higher

Check Today’s Price (Walmart)

Slightly Lower

Check Today’s Price (Best Buy)

TCL 55R617 and 55R615 Differences

The specs and features of TCL 55R617 and 55R615 are mostly similar as we can find in the table above, although there are few differences between those two TVs. what are their differences? Let’s talk about that together.

1. Remote Control

We can find that TCL 55R617 and 55R615 come with different remote control. TCL 55R617 comes with Voice Enabled Remote Control RC580, while TCL 55R615 comes with RC280 remote control. RC580 is completed with voice control so that we can control the TV more conveniently, while RC 280 is only standard remote that doesn’t come with voice control.

2. Seller

TCL 55R617 is widely offered by a number of retailers online and offline, while TCL 55R615 is only offered by BestBuy. So We can call TCL 55R615 is exclusive model for BestBuy.

3. Price

TCL 55R617 and 55R615 were introduced at similar price. But nowadays we can find TCL 55R615 is usually offered at the lower price than TCL 55R617. How much is their price difference? Since TV prices often change from time to time, it’s recommended that we check today’s price before we can find their latest price difference.


What’s the Reason to Choose TCL 55R617?

After we talk about TCL 55R617 and TCL 55R615 as well as their differences, we can find that those two TVs are basically similar 55-Inch 4K UHD TVs. TCL 55R617 is usually offered at slightly higher since It comes with voice remote control. If you don’t mind to spend higher for voice remote control, then you have the reason to choose TCL 55R617. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should Order TCL 55R617 from Walmart here…

If you are simply looking for the more affordable choice, TCL 55R615 is the one that you should consider. Although It doesn’t come with voice remote control, but It still can deliver similar picture and smart features to TCL 55R617 since they are indeed similar model. Where should you order one? You should order TCL 55R615 from here…


  1. I saw the TCL55R613 55″4K UHD HDR Smart Roku LED TV with BONUS Voice Activated Remote on the website. How does it compare to the“TCL 55R617 and the 55R615. All three should be similar, right?

  2. Hello….

    Looking at the TCL 55R615/617….if I download ROKU app to my phone couldn’t I use google assistant with the tcl 615 as a voice activated remote control…..therefore, essentially becoming a tcl 617?


    1. Yes u can I have the 55R615 I was thinking it comes with mic but it didn’t So I got the app and Yes it lets me control it with my voice thru Roku app and so much more. I just found replacement voice controlled remotes as low as $3.00 on eBay.

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