Vizio E70u-D3 vs D70-D3 : Why Should You Choose Vizio E70u-D3?

Are you looking for affordable larger screen LED TV? E70u-D3 and D70-D3 from Vizio are two choices that you may consider. They both come with 70-Inch screen size and priced at quite affordable price that give you reason to choose them as your next larger LED TV. Which of those two TVs is the one that you should choose? Let’s talk about those two TV models on this article along with talking about their differences. Then finally We will talk about the reasons why should We choose Vizio E70u-D3.

Vizio E70u-D3 Short Review

Vizio E70u-D3

Vizio E70u-D3

Vizio E70u-D3 is introduced as part of Vizio’s 2016 E-model. It’s the basic 70-Inch 4K UHD TV in Vizio’s 2016 lineup. Vizio E70u-D3 comes with Full-Array LED Backlight that completed with 12 Active LED Zones. Full-Array LED and Active LED Zones combination bring superior light uniformity with more vibrant contrast across the LED screen. Vizio E70u-D3 is also completed with spatial scaling engine that can deliver near 4K picture quality from HD content sources. The refresh rate of Vizio E70u-D3 is Clear Action 240 that’s quite basic for 70-Inch 4K UHD TV but still can deliver smooth scenes for daily entertainment. You can find the new Vizio SmartCast as the new Smart TV platform of Vizio E70u-D3. With Vizio SmartCast, you can get more entertainment options on your TV screen. Besides delivering premium contents, SmartCast also can run additional Smart Apps with its built-in Google Cast. Vizio E702u-D3 also comes with 802.11ac wireless to bring faster internet connection for content streaming.

How the customers commented on their Vizio D702u-D3? Most of the customers are satisfied with their Vizio E702u-D3 and recommend this TV model. The customers mostly said that this TV is very large and can deliver great picture quality with crisp and clear color. Some of the customers emphasize that this TV needs additional smartphone or tablets to stream the contents and cast it to the TV screen. The remote control that comes with this TV is quite simple that some customers are not satisfied with that. Soundbar is needed said some customers to get the quality of sound that They want. Do you want to hear more about what the customers said about this TV model? You can read more Vizio D702u-D3 customers reviews on this page…

Vizio D70-D3 Short Review

Vizio D70-D3

Vizio D70-D3

If you are looking for larger LED TV with 1080p Full HD resolution, you can find Vizio D70-D3 as one of limited choices in 2015. Vizio D70-D3 comes 70-Inch screen size with Full-Array LED backlight with 12 Active LED Zones similar to Vizio E70u-D3. Full-Array LED backlight deliver superior light uniformity, while 12 Active LED Zones bring enhanced contrast level on the TV screen. The refresh rate of Vizio D70-D3 is Clear Action 240. Clear Action 240 is not the highest refresh rate technology of Vizio, but at least It still can deliver smooth fast action movies and sports on the TV screen. As its Smart TV platform, Vizio D70-D3 comes with Vizio Internet Apps Plus. We can call Vizio Internet Apps Plus as basic Smart TV platform but It still can deliver your favorite premium contents to your home. The built-in wifi of Vizio D70-D3 is still the older 802.11n wireless one instead of the new 802.11ac.

There are mixed feedback about this TV model. A number of customers are satisfied with this TV model and said that this TV can deliver great HD picture quality, while there are some customers that’s not satisfied with the picture quality delivered by this TV model. The TV setup is easy based on the customers’ experience, while the apps works fine as reported by the customer. You can find out more what the customers said about their Vizio D70-D3 here…

Similarities & Differences between Vizio E70u-D3 and D70-D3

We need to know the similarities and differences of Vizio E70u-D3 and D70-D3 before We can talk more about their differences. Let’s take a look at the similarities & differences table below.

Vizio E70u-D3
Vizio D70-D3
Introduced 2016 2016
Screen Size 70-inch 70-inch
Backlight Full-Array LED Full-Array LED
Active LED Zones 12 12
Refresh Rate Clear Action 240 Clear Action 240
Remote Standard Remote Standard Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Spatial Scaling Engine YES NO
Smart TV Platform Vizio SmartCast Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Built-in Wifi 802.11ac 802.11n
HDMI/USB 4/2 3/1
Price +/- $150 Higher

Check Best Offer

+/- $150 Lower

Check Today’s Price

What’s Better in Vizio E70u-D3?

We can find similarities as well as few differences between Vizio E70u-D3 and D70-D3. Most of their differences is the better aspect of Vizio E70u-D3. What’s better in Vizio E70u-D3? Let’s talk about that together.

The first key difference come from their screen resolution. Vizio E70u-D3 comes with 4K UHD picture resolution while Vizio D70-D3 comes with 1080p Full HD resolution. 4K UHD resolution is able to deliver up to four times more brilliant picture than Full HD resolution. Vizio E70u-D3 is also completed with spatial scaling engine that can deliver near 4K picture quality from HD content sources.

The second difference comes from the Smart TV platform that installed on those two TVs. Vizio E70u-D3 comes with newer and better Vizio SmartCast as its Smart TV platform, while Vizio D70-D3 comes with Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Vizio SmartCast is the new approach of Vizio to deliver premium contents as well as running collections of apps on the TV screen. Vizio Internet Apps Plus is basic Smart TV that only deliver premium contents to the TV screen. Vizio E70u-D3 also comes with better wireless with 802.11ac, while Vizio D70-D3 only comes with 802.11n wireless. Technically 802.11c wireless is able to deliver up to 3 times faster internet connection than 802.11n wireless.

There’s also less significant difference on the HDMI/USB port attached in those two TVs. Vizio E70u-D3 comes with 4 HDMI and 2 USB inputs, while Vizio D70-D3 only comes with 3 HDMI and 1 USB inputs. With more HDMI and USB inputs, you can connect more devices at the same time.

You can for sure find price difference between Vizio E70u-D3 and D70-D3. Vizio E70u-D3 that positioned as the higher model is offered at the higher price than Vizio D70-D3. You can find that some retailers offer Vizio E70u-D3 at around $150 higher than Vizio D70-D3. But that price difference is not fixed since the price of those two TVs are also not fixed and subject to change frequently.

Why Should You Choose Vizio E70u-D3?

Vizio E70u-D3 and D70-D3 are basically similar in picture technology with Full-Array LED, 12 Active LED Zones and Clear Action 240. But Vizio E70u-D3 is indeed better model with better 4K UHD resolution, Vizio SmartCast Smart TV platform and 802.11ac wireless. You can enjoy better picture quality with 4K UHD resolution as well as more smart functionality with Vizio SmartCast. With 802.11ac wireless, you can also enjoy faster internet connection. If you don’t mind to pay slightly higher for better Smart TV platform and screen resolution, than It’s recommended to go ahead with Vizio E70u-D3. Where you should order Vizio E70u-D3? We recommend you to order Vizio E70u-D3 here…

Vizio D70-D3 is an alternative model if you still want to own large screen Full HD TV. It’s also a good choice for you if you are looking for larger screen TV but you only have more limited budget. So if you don’t mind with only Full HD resolution and the older Vizio Internet Apps Plus on your next 70-Inch screen size LED TV, you can go ahead with Vizio D70-D3. Where you can order this TV model? You can order Vizio D70-D3 here…


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