Vizio M65-C1 vs P652ui-B2 : Any Reason to Choose the Newer?

Vizio M65-C1 and Vizio P652ui-B2 are two choices that offered by Vizio if you are looking for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you prefer to go with Vizio as your brand. Vizio M65-C1 is introduced as part of the new 2015 M-Series, while Vizio P652ui-B2 was released on 2014 as part of Vizio P-Series. Vizio M65-C1 is originally coming as replacement model of the older Vizio M652i-B2 that use 1080p Full HD resolution, but as the technology goes and 4K UHD TV become more popular, Vizio Changed their M-Series to use 4K UHD Resolution. Vizio P652ui-B2 was originally released with 4K UHD resolution. It was the first Vizio TV to use 4K UHD resolution. Both of Vizio M65-C1 and Vizio P652ui-B2 are able to get excellent customers feedback for their picture quality and features. So both of them are considered as your choices for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. So let’s take a look closely on those two TVs and see whether you need to choose the newer Vizio M65-C1.

Vizio M65-C1

Vizio M65-C1
Vizio M65-C1

Talk about Vizio as one of main TV brands in the US, We should talk about their main model, M-Series. Vizio M-Series is available in the TV market for few years now. It was originally positioned as higher Smart TV with 1080p Full HD resolution. But as the technology continues, 4K UHD resolution become more popular now and Vizio is decided to change their M-Series as one of their lineup into 4K UHD in resolution. The last 65-Inch Smart Full HD TV of M-Series was M652i-B2 from Vizio’s 2014 TV lineup. It’s now replaced with the new M65-C1 with 4K UHD picture resolution. The technology inside Vizio M65-C1 is not a lot changed from the older M-Series. It’s still using Full-Array LED backlight with Active LED Zones and the Smart TV platform remain the same Vizio Internet Apps Plus. The improvement on the new M-Series is the new 802.11ac wireless that deliver faster internet connection needed for 4K UHD data transfer and the new six-core processor that bring faster processing time on the new Vizio M65-C1. You can check today’s offer of Vizio M65-C1 on Ebay here…

Vizio P652ui-B2

Vizio P652ui-B2
Vizio P652ui-B2

After talking about Vizio M65-C1 as the replacement model of M652i-B2, let’s move forward on Vizio P652ui-B2. Vizio P652ui-B2 comes as part of the new P-Series model that released on the late 2014. P-Series comes as the first 4K UHD TV from Vizio. It’s released on 70-Inch, 65-Inch, 60-Inch, 55-Inch and 50-Inch screen size. As the older 4K UHD TV, Vizio P652ui-B2 use almost identical technology that used by the newer M65-C1 with Full-Array LED backlight and Active LED Zones, Six-Core Processor and Vizio Internet Apps Plus as its Smart TV platform and 802.11 ac wireless. You can check today’s offer of Vizio P652ui-B2 on Ebay here…

Vizio M65-C1 vs P652ui-B2: Specs Table

Vizio M65-C1 Vizio P652ui-B2
Introduced February 2015 August 2014
Screen Size 65-inch 65-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Refresh Rate Clear Action 720 Clear Action 960
Active LED Zones 32 64
Smart TV Platform Vizio Internet Apps Plus Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Processor V6 Six-Core V6 Six-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-in Camera YES NO
Speaker System 4.2Ch 60W 4.2Ch 60W
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11 ac Dual Band 802.11 ac Dual Band
USB/HDMI 5/1 5/1
Price Check Today’s Offer (Ebay) Check Today’s Offer (Ebay)

What’s Their Differences?

If you don’t do a search in detail, then It’s quite hard to find the differences between Vizio M65-C1 and Vizio P652ui-B2 as they are almost identical 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV except from their different design. But actually there’re some differences between Vizio M65-C1 and Vizio P652ui-B2. First is its Clear Action technology. Both of Vizio M65-C1 and Vizio P652ui-B2 are using 240Hz refresh rate, but when It comes to Clear Action measured by Vizio, Vizio P652ui-B2 have higher Clear Action 960, while Vizio M65-C1 is only 720 in Clear Action. Although you won’t find any big difference when you are watching fast action movies and sports, but technically Clear Action 960 is better. You may experience the difference when you watch movies and sports with extensive fast motion screen. Second is their Active LED Zones. Vizio P652ui-B2 is installed with more Active LED Zones (64) that bring more vibrant screen contrast as your TV have more Zones to control than 32 Active LED Zones of Vizio M65-C1. The third difference is on their speaker system. Vizio M65-C1 comes with 2×10 W speaker system, while Vizio P652ui-B2 is installed with 2×15 W speaker system. With higher power speaker system, you can enjoy more powerful sound on Vizio P652ui-B2 compared to 2x10W of Vizio M65-C1

Looking at the other side, We can notice that Vizio M65-C1 is priced at around $100 lower than Vizio P652ui-B2. So It’s quite understandable that Vizio is trying to minimize their price for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV by making their new Vizio M65-C1 lower in price. With this lower price, Vizio is sacrificing the Active LED Zones that become only half of the older, Clear Action that a little lower and less powerful speaker system for the lower price on the new lineup.


Vizio M65-C1 vs P652ui-B2: Reason to Choose the Newer?

Vizio M65-C1 is the newer model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. Is it the one that you should choose? In the price aspect, Yes you should go with the new Vizio M65-C1 as it’s lower in price. From the design aspect, you should say Yes on the new stand design. Basically for ordinary people Vizio M65-C1 is the one that you should choose as there’s no big differences with lower number of Active LED Zones, a little Clear Action and a little less powerful Speaker system. It’s also getting excellent customer feedbacks that make you save to order Vizio M65-C1 for your home. Where’s recommended place to order Vizio M65-C1? You should Check Today’s Offer of Vizio M65-C1 on Ebay here…

If you are still thinking about the picture quality in details, maybe you can consider Vizio P652ui-B2 with a note that you can still get one. There’re indeed differences when you plan to use your 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV for heavy action gaming, sports or Action movies. With more Active LED Zones, higher Clear Action and more powerful speaker system you can enjoy slightly better experience with Vizio P652ui-B2. But for sure you have to spend more for it. Where should you order one? We recommend you to Check Today’s Offer of Vizio P652ui-B2 on Ebay here

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